Guide to Shopping Furniture at Big Lots

Guide to Shopping Furniture at Big Lots

Big Lots is a large retail chain in the country, with more than 1,400 stores across the country. It is a discount retail chain and you can find different categories of items in its departmental stores, including furniture. You can also shop online at the Big Lots website.

The Big Lots story

Big Lots began as the Consolidated Stores Corporation in Ohio in 1967. In 1983, the Consolidated Stores started a closeout store in Columbus, Ohio, under the name Odd Lots. Due to objections from Revco, a drug store chain which had is own closeout retail stores called Odd Lots, the Consolidated Stores Corp changed its name to Big Lots Inc. Now, the Big Lots chain owns more than a thousand stores across 48 states in the country.

Big Lots – Big savings

Big Lots sells food items, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, electronics, and furniture. Create an account if you are shopping online, for special offers and discounts and to easily save address and payment info, track orders etc.

While shopping at the local Big Lots store, every department and every aisle can greet you with deals and price cuts. Buy home essentials, pet supplies, and other products at cheap rates. You can also save through special offers, weekly discounts, coupon codes, and in many other ways.

Big Lots furniture

Big Lots furniture department sells items in many different categories – Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Kitchen and Dining Furniture, and Outdoor Furniture. Buy storage solutions, sofas, chairs, and recliners, mattresses, furniture collections, accent furniture and other types.

When you are shopping online, you may find some Big Lots furniture items marked as online only or in stores only. If you like an item that is only available in brick & mortar stores, use the store locator link to find a Big Lots store near you.

When you shop online, you can filter Big Lots furniture by color, brand, availability, price range, price cuts, customer ratings, etc. You can browse the selection and choose a few items you like. Either buy them online or visit the local store to examine your choices and pick the products you like best.

Ways to save at Big Lots

Sign up for the Buzz Club- Big Lots Buzz Club members enjoy many benefits including around $5 off your first purchase of at least $15. You can earn points on your purchases and get notified about new stock, deep discounts, seasonal sales, and other promotions.

Check the website, your email, or your mobile alerts for weekly deals on specific items from Big Lots furniture.

The Big Rewards Program gives you more ways to save. You may get a chance to earn around $5 reward on every three purchases, and around $10 reward on Big Lots furniture purchases of $200. You get access to VIP Shopping Days, special coupons, birthday offers and more. You can combine these rewards with other special offers to increase your savings.

You can make big savings through Seasonal Sales, Big Lots slashes prices regularly on seasonal items like Christmas merchandise to clear them off the shelves and make room for new items for the next season.

Keep checking the Big Lots website or your email, mobile alerts for regular deals in various departments, including the Big Lots furniture section.

Shopping at Big Lots

Big Lots offers deals and discounts on all items. Cruise down the aisles in different departments, inspect the discounted items and choose ones that save you big bucks. You can even combine Big Rewards offers, coupons, and other deals to get more savings.

Big Lots furniture has a wide options range and you can buy everything from filing cabinets and chairs to full collections of matching furniture. If you are in the market for quality furniture on a restrictive budget, Big Lots furniture is your best bet. Order online or visit your local Big Lots store today!