Guide to Buying New Laptops for Students

Guide to Buying New Laptops for Students

If your child has graduated from the high school and is ready to enter the college, then they must be having different types of demands and needs and one of them may be getting a laptop. Every student would like to have a sleek and trendy laptop while going to the college. These days, a laptop should not be considered as a thing of luxury as it has become more of a necessity. With the increasing competition in the academic field, laptops have become a thing of necessity among the students. Therefore, it should not be purchased just based on the model or look. When you are purchasing new laptops for students, you should be careful about factors that can affect your purchase decision.

The curriculum is important – There are plenty of things that you need to consider before purchasing a student laptop, yet academic curriculum needs to be given prime importance. Students, who require basic features like web browsing and documenting information, can certainly opt for any Chromebook at a budget price. HP Chromebook 11 G3 is quite popular among students and you can also consider about this device if you are running on a strict budget. However, in case the academic course involves the use of graphics and multimedia, you need to opt for a bit expensive laptop, with Mac or Windows operating system. Also, you need to spend some money on installing the required software on your device.

Note the screen size – This is also another important factor to be considered when you are interested in purchasing a laptop for a college student. Screen size selection mostly varies on the purpose of using laptops. While 11 inches screen size is ideal for basic users, students who work on multimedia files may require a display of around 13 inches or 14 inches. However, it is never recommended to opt for a size higher than 15 inches as it will be difficult to fit the device in your backpack. The screen size of your laptop determines the overall measurement of the device. Hence, it should be perfect carefully. Also, you need to know that bigger is the screen size, heavier is the weight of your device.

Prefer speed over storage – Nowadays, you can use different types of external attachment for storing your data. Therefore, there is no need to search for devices with higher storage capacity. Instead, it is recommended for you to purchase laptops, which can offer you better speed. With higher SSD or Solid State Drive, you will be able to operate a budget device at a lightning speed and get your task completed in a jiffy.

The battery life is important – Whether you are purchasing HP Stream Laptop PC – 14″ HD or you are interested to get ASUS Chromebook C300SA 13.3 Inch, do not forget to check the battery life. Opt for a device, which supports extended battery life and can work for hours without any hindrance. For the best experience, it is recommended to get laptops that come with 8 hours of battery life. In case, you cannot afford it in your budget, you should never settle for anything with less than 6 hours of battery support. A stronger battery is always recommended for students, as they might not always charging point to keep the device running.

Get a durable laptop – It is always recommended to get laptops, which are strong and durable so that you need frequent maintenance. To be on the safer side, you are always recommended to use models with spill-resistant keyboards. Also, it is better, if you can find a MIL-SPEC tested model.

Purchasing new laptops is not a difficult task as you can place the order from any store of your choice. Yet, make sure to check the authenticity of the store, before relying on them. Also try to find special discounts and deals on the laptop, as this will help you in saving a bit extra. For the best value of your money, it is better to purchase devices with a pre-installed operating system.