Gifts that are perfect for your little girl

Gifts that are perfect for your little girl

Everything makes an impact on kids. And there’s nothing better than a thoughtful gift. Here’s a list of toys girls love to receive as a gift. But these are not the common ones. These toys in a way will also empower your angel and give her the power of dreaming, imagining and developing a curiosity to know more about the beautiful world that there is. Take a look.

Doll house
This is the most commercial one, but it’s still a must-have. When your little girl will make the doll house from scratch (using the pieces), she will sense a feeling of fulfillment, and you can make it from her expression. The sole idea of creating a doll house make little ones happy, so much so that they will never let their doll house go anywhere, no matter what!

Art kit
Bring out the creative instincts of your girl by gifting her an interesting art kit, going by her capabilities. An easy one can be a bead bracelet kit, scrapbook, and a ceramic cup painting set and the tougher ones can be origami and sewing kits. These are toys girls love to flaunt in front of friends and lend a boost of confidence as well. Let her spend some time in finishing her art projects, and you will see a better version of your girl for sure!

Music box
Once you know that your little one has collected a good number of hair accessories and delicate jewelry (in plastic), you can go ahead and pick the music box for her. These are vanity-like boxes that she can use to store her most possessed treasures. Every time she will open the box, she will see a girl dancing in the center of the box and hear a dreamy background music. These are little things that will add to your girl’s overall personality.

LEGO’s Disney’s Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle
Who doesn’t dream of seeing the castle? Thanks to our story books, we love the idea of castles. So, why not gift one to your most precious princess? These are thoughtful yet fun toys girls love to play with. This particular LEGO toy set is a birthday present pick that will give wings to your little angel’s imaginations and make her believe in fairy tales, all the more!

Fairy house tent
Talking about fairies, here’s something almost all of us ladies remember playing in. Imagine a place, where your little one can forget all her worries and get lost and enter a dreamlike setting? Well, with a fair house tent, you can create a small world for her in her room itself! Just set a tent in her room, or even in your garden (under the stars, may be?) and give her some ‘me time’. Spending some time with her best friends in this tent will raise her spirit and make her all the happier!

Fabric doll
Girls always like to chat merrily with someone, but often, when parents are busy, they tend to get sad as there’s no one to talk to. Gift her a beautiful fabric doll that can be with her all the time. These are eco-friendly toys girls like to carry with them, wherever they go, and the best part is, they can even give their doll a name and talk to them whenever they feel bored.