Get mobile with Hoveround power chairs

Get mobile with Hoveround power chairs

As technology and science advance, our lives become easier and hassle-free. The old age grips on, but we prefer to be independent. Similarly the disabled likes to do their chores on their own. For outdoor chores, mobility scooters are perfect, but for indoor assistance, power wheelchairs are appropriate. The power chairs can be moved with the help of a joystick, which is located on the armrest of the chair. Some power chairs can navigate through tight spaces with the use of their fingertips, whereas there are others, which can be navigated with the help of body parts as well.

Hoveround offers a variety of power chairs, each having its unique feature. The wheelchairs are useful as one can access more areas and even elevators and tight spaces. The usage is primarily for people who need all-time assistance for mobility. As scooters are restricted for outdoor navigation only, wheelchairs have no such restrictions and have exceptional maneuverability power. Such power chairs are referred by physicians, if they see it as a necessity.

Categories of power chairs
Power chairs are based on the physical and medical requirements of the user. All Hoveround power chairs are enhanced with Round for a Reason technology and exceptional maneuvering ability. However, the two categories of these chairs are Standard and Heavy Duty:

  • Standard: The maximum weight capacity of the standard wheelchair is approximately 300 pounds. It meets the needs of most users. MPV5 is the most popular model under this section with a high maneuverable power. It has a compact design and a condensed frame.
  • Heavy Duty: It is typically built to support a person with a robust body frame. 600 pounds is their maximum capacity. The category of Heavy Duty is further divided between Teknique XHD and Teknique HD6. The former is equipped with a wider seat, powerful motor along with tandem rear tires, while the latter provides a custom-contoured seat and an extra powerful motor to give maximum comfort to its user.

Top models of Hoveround power chairs
Hoveround engineers are always on the lookout for more innovative techniques to make the power chairs more comfortable and durable with easy navigation and hassle-free movement. They offer four types of power wheelchairs. However, the best models are those, which are small and compact in size, but offer comfort and easy navigation at the same time. The following two models are considered the best, both by the users and the manufacturers:

  • Teknique HD6: It is the largest and the most dominant model offered by Hoveround. It is the best for full-bodied users with its robust frame, heavy-duty construction and lowered centre of gravity.
  • MVP5: It has a rounded design and is compact in size. It is easily navigated around tight corners and narrow spaces. It is the most popular model with its classic looks and manoeuvrability.
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