Garmin – The brand story

Garmin – The brand story

Garmin is a popular multi-national brand based in America, which runs on the basis of a technology developed by Gary Burrell and Min Kao in 1989. This brand was born in Kansas, Texas and has since taken over the global street pilot, fitness, communication and wrist wear markets, thanks to its tryst with technology and sleek good looks.

The Garmin range of products goes beyond mere wrist-wear and also employs advanced technology when it comes to niches like professional aviation, sports, in-vehicle GPS systems as well as wrist and palm held GPS systems. Let us find out more about some of the unique offerings by this brand.

• The smart watch is a system that was evolved by the Garmin brand to help people track locations, activities, and fitness levels.
• With these watches, you can actually have an automated count of where you are going, how far you have gone, how many calories you have burnt and how much further you need to go before you reach your goal for the day. That’s right – you can also set a goal regarding the number of steps that you want to cover in a span of 24 hours.
• Apart from that, the running-based apps on the watches will also synchronize the readings with the heart rate that you have reached while running so that you know just how effective your cardio for the day has been!
• The range starts from $79 for a basic Vivofit model and goes up to $899 for more complex watches with many more features!

Health and Wellness:
• The health and wellness products that are produced by Garmin help in tracking, monitoring and creating a more active environment for you.
• Also, on the basis of the tracking and monitoring functions, one can take the appropriate steps for timely diagnosis and treatment, in case any of the vitals show a sudden spike or slowdown.
• In this range, you will also find the Garmin Index Smart Scale, which shows you the bone and muscle mass. Also, it can recognize and store the information for up to 16 people so that if anything is amiss, one can compare and report it to a doctor immediately.

• The Garmin Connect Community is an active platform that engages its many users, even as the brand seeks to connect people who are invested in their wellness and fitness.
• One can share stats on equity as well as progress so that motivation becomes a full-time, round-the-clock process.
• This app also offers online challenges so that you can push your limits to reach higher goals.
• The wellness portal run by Gramin also offers you a chance to engage with an intuitive administrator dashboard. This will help in tracking participant efforts and is also a good way to get maximum participation from employees in an office, as well as members in a family. One can easily set a company or family goal which can be monitored by all, in terms of progress made!