Frequent Urination Problems – Prevention and Treatment Options

Frequent Urination Problems – Prevention and Treatment Options

Frequent urination refers to the need to pass urine at least eight times in a day. Frequent urination problems can occur due to many reasons such as diabetes, weak pelvic muscles, bladder infections and other health problems.

In women, pregnancy and childbirth can lead to weakness in the pelvic region. During pregnancy, the uterus puts constant pressure on the bladder and increases the urine frequency. In men, an enlarged prostate is a leading cause of frequent urination. Bladder stones, bladder cancer, and radiation therapies can also cause frequent urination problems. Excess weight can also put additional pressure on the bladder and create the urge to urinate more often.

It is possible to prevent frequent urination problems with healthy diet habits and exercises.

If you have experienced even mild bladder problems, you can take some precautionary measures to reduce its occurrence in the future. Or if you have any medical problem that can cause frequent urination, you can take better care of your diet to prevent any bladder problems.

  • Reduce intake of caffeine, alcohol and citrus juices.
  • Refrain from eating tomato-based foods in large amounts.
  • Avoid the consumption of artificial sweeteners.
  • Add more fiber to the diet.
  • Begin a practice of kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

There are several effective treatment options for frequent urination problems. Often, the treatment for the underlying cause treats the problem of frequent urination as well.

  • If you need to urinate frequently because of diabetes, managing optimum levels of blood glucose can provide a lot of relief from the problem. The same applies to frequent urination due to infections in the urinary tract and bladder and prostate problems. For example, surgery to treat an enlarged prostate can also reduce the need for frequent urination.
  • Medications to replace estrogen or treat an overactive bladder can be very effective in treating frequent urination.
  • For severe problems in the bladder, surgery can be a treatment option.

A good diet plan and pelvic floor exercises are often adequate to treat frequent urination. Consult a doctor for best treatment plan as per your health needs.