Four scientific benefits of listening to music

Four scientific benefits of listening to music

Albert Einstein once commented that if he were not a physicist, he would have been a musician. Music is an enormous part of everyone’s lives but is often overlooked. You may think playing music is for kids during work or play. But there’s more to music than just partying or the radio.

Many recent and historical scientific studies reveal that music plays a vital role in emotional intelligence, brain development, and holistic growth of individuals. The type of music you listen to can shape you and energize you. Music can improve performance levels in athletes. It washes away the dust of the soul in the grind of day-to-day life.

Here are four scientifically proven benefits of listening to music:

Improves academic performance
Classic music like Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven, have been proven to calm the mind and help students focus better. These tunes are best suited for studies and can help you concentrate for longer periods of time. A vital part of concentration is relaxation. Myths revolve around the fact that the brain learns best while cramming but that is not true.
Memory works best with a calm mind and the encoding of the information you are learning works best when you are relaxed. Classical music can help you with this, plus, it’s enjoyable to listen to the crash of cymbals or tinkle of the piano.

Eliminates depression
If you’ve been down a lot lately, listen to some calming and soothing music. If you’re the type who vents stress through rock and roll, that can help too. Music helps ease depression and clinical studies have proven this often. Some hospitals even use music to help lessen dementia, reduce and hinder Alzheimer’s, and boost overall brain growth. Depression can cause memory loss, mental fatigue, and stunted brain growth. All these symptoms which can be naturally assissted with the right kind of music.

Helps you at mindfully
Music helps listeners eat less since they eat more mindfully. If you’re the type of person who gorges on heavy meals, and tend to overeat, put on some calming, soothing music and enjoy your meal away in your own world. You’ll notice that you’ll eat less, make better portion control choices and in general, eat healthier which can promote to a better quality of life.

Reduces pain
Music helps reduce your pain. If you’ve gone through some intensive surgical procedure and you can’t seem to bear the pain, listen to some good music. Music helps stroke patients recover comprehensively and faster. Often, music can make you calmer and less afraid before and after an operation. A calmer patient helps to ensure that things go smoothly, and also aides in a better, faster recovery.