Four kitchen paint color palettes that create a wow factor

Four kitchen paint color palettes that create a wow factor

Kitchen paint colors are a sign of freedom and sophistication. Whether it’s a bright painted island, an exotic land of cooking in solace, or plain white goodness, choosing the right kitchen paint colors can seriously redo the entire look.

Let’s look at the top four highly recommended color palettes for kitchens that really bring the wow in their wizardry:

  • Food-themed colors
    Whether it’s a pizza-themed kitchen or something that exudes the feeling of Chai latte, food-themed kitchen paint colors like the Apple Crisp 290D-5, Chai Latte 290C-3 and Popped Corn W-B-200 can bring your kitchen to cuisine life. If you want a kitchen that makes you feel hungry every time you look at it, here’s to these kitchen paint colors.
  • Vintage look
    If you want your kitchen to look sophisticated with a touch of vintage, then try out Benjamin Moore kitchen paint colors. Good choices include a light green for kitchen cabinets, rich cream for the walls, and adding the tiny details such as window posts and cabinets that add to its pristine and modern look. These colors work well with intrinsic details; so if you’ve got a stocked up kitchen, it will do.
  • Cheerful country
    A kitchen is an abode for warmth and comfort. But what if you want to make it look cheery and casual? Accent the walls with a cottage-style Kayak yellow and use bright, bold colors such as the Mesa Sunrise and Rowan White. Other kitchen paint colors from the house of Ralph Lauren Home will also look good.
  • Wooden homage
    If you’d like your wooden shelves and cabinets to do the talking and be the visual candy of the kitchen, consider painting the walls with kitchen paint colors like minty-green, Lark #6745, Steamed Milk #7554n and choices from the Sherwin Williams palette.

A good kitchen makes a decent cooking atmosphere, but a great kitchen touches lives and makes the food taste even better. Keep the mood in mind, consider the look as a whole, and you’ll be well on your way to remodeling your existing space into a stylish cooking paradise!

Bon appétit.