5 types of foods to avoid when suffering from diabetes

5 types of foods to avoid when suffering from diabetes

Knowing what to eat and what to avoid is very important for maintaining the right blood sugar levels. If an individual is on a diabetic diet, they must avoid certain food offenders which raise the insulin levels and make them prone to heart diseases. Here are certain foods one must avoid if they have diabetes.

Beverages with sugar:
Sweetened beverages can derail any diabetic diet since they are loaded with sugar and contain very high amounts of carbohydrates that can harm the body by increasing the blood sugar levels instantly. They are also full of fructose which is bad if a person has diabetes. Fructose is known to change the metabolic processes which lead to belly fat and growth of harmful cholesterol with triglycerides as well.

Trans fats: Trans fats are extremely unhealthy as they are made by adding hydrogen to the unsaturated fatty acids to make them stable. These fats are present in peanut butter, margarine, spreads, creams, etc. The manufacturers also add them to muffins, crackers or other baked foods for increasing their shelf life. This makes it a complete no-no for diabetics and the rest of the population as well.

Processed bread, pasta, and rice:
Consumption of foods made from refined flour spikes the blood sugar levels in the body, especially in people suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown how rice-based pasta encourage production of bad fats within the body. Meals containing carbohydrate rich products like bread, rice, and pasta do not just increase blood sugars but also reduce the brain functioning in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Flavored yogurt: One thing that must be crossed off from any diabetic diet is flavored yogurt. Since it is loaded with sugar and carbs, this item should be avoided as its increases blood sugar levels.

Fried food: Whether it’s fried chips, or fish fry or chicken wings, anything fried is not good for any diabetic diet since it gets loaded with carbs, fat, and sodium. Whatever good the meat or fish would have done, frying it just ended the goodness.

The trick to any successful diabetic diet is being aware of the nutrient content of each food and how it impacts your body.