Fitness trends that are here to stay

Fitness trends that are here to stay

Fitness is an ever evolving industry where trends tend to change rapidly. In the recent years, we witnessed the emergence of several trends that took fitness freaks around the world by a storm. However, only few of them were good enough to survive and be relevant to fitness enthusiasts presently and in the coming future. A list of fitness trends that are here to stay finds mention below.

Strength training
Gone are the days when many individuals, especially women, used to avoid strength training. With increased awareness regarding the benefits including boosting longevity, protection against diabetes, back pain, building muscle mass, and more that strength training offers, a growing number of people now rely on it to stay healthy and fit. In addition to this, the major reason responsible for strength training’s popularity is that women have now realized that lifting total gym weights does not necessarily makes them bulky. Rather, it is a great way to burn fat and boost metabolism.

Well-informed and seasoned fitness professionals
Reaching individual fitness goals becomes much easier when you workout under the supervision and guidance of an educated and experienced professional. In recent years, the number of such personal trainers has seen a drastic rise. These trainers offer tailored guidance to fitness freaks, which enables them to achieve their goals rapidly.

Wearable technology
A few years ago, wearable technology was introduced to the fitness freaks. It includes fitness and activity trackers, such as smartwatches, heart rate monitors, smart eyeglasses designed to show maps and fitness activity, and GPS tracking devices. Although it has been a few years since wearable technology surfaced, this particular fitness trend is certainly here to stay. People love flaunting their wearable fitness gadgets that enable them to keep a track of their daily fitness activity. Fit bit, Pebble Time, Basis, Misfit, Garmin, and Jawbone are the names that have built a formidable reputation as leading providers of wearable fitness technology.

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Due to the quick results that HIIT programs offer, they have become popular and will surely stay that way. The training program is all about short intervals of intense activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery. This type of workout can be ideal for people who have busy schedules and find it tough to spare time for time intensive workouts. However, HIIT training is not meant for every individual but for those who are in good shape. The reason behind is that these exercises demand great strength to eliminate body injuries while using total gym equipment. Additionally, those in good shape also need to be well prepared for performing these high-intensity workouts.

Body weight training
Body weight training, a leading fitness trend, is not only restricted to sit-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups. Rather, it refers to any form of resistance training based entirely on your own body-weight. You can follow this fitness routine either at home or at the gym.

So, not all fitness trends are meant for you. To ensure that you follow the right one, consult your health practitioner.