Find your perfect party beverage

Find your perfect party beverage

You have to plan a great party that would not only please your peers but also would add to your reputation as an efficient host/hostess. Planning a party is not an easy task, but when handled with precision it can turn out to be exactly as you had pictured it in your mind. You pay attention to different aspects of a party, such as the food, the decor, the venue (our own house or some good restaurant) and finally the drinks. Deciding which drink would appear on your menu is a tedious task as you have to put a lot of thought into it. The beverages that you are about to serve in your party should strike a chord with those attending your party, as chances are very high that people often attend parties for good beverages.

If you are about to throw a party, do not fret and do not freak out since there are some really interesting beverages that would help you win accolades as a host.

  • The good old Martini is an all time favorite among almost all sections of the population! The succulent mixture of gin and vermouth, garnished with either a lemon or an olive is what would appease your guests’ taste buds
  • The Cosmopolitan is one of the most popular beverages that is high on the list of a majority of hosts. If you are a Hollywood enthusiast you would know how A-listers liked being seen with the drink, so, give your guests an opportunity to experience the same feeling
  • The Gold Rush has garnered quite a fan following in recent times. The Gold Rush Cocktail is your bourbon and lemon juice garnished with mint. The interesting combination has made it to the list of awesome party beverages, so add it yours as well
  • Next on the list would be the Whisky Sour. Your traditional whiskey with lemon juice and sugar and at times, mixed with a dash of egg white! Though it sounds unusual, it has its army of admirers
  • Add the Mai Tai to your list of beverages. It is fruity and it has rum, so fruit lovers at your party can rejoice. Two rums, an orange curacao and orgeat syrup is what it is made up of
  • The Piña Coladas are the ones with a liking for sweet stuff. It is a mixture of rum, coconut cream or coconut milk and pineapple juice blended with ice

Since you have the list of some of the most happening beverages that can win you the title of the best host ever, make sure you throw a great party. Bottoms up!

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