Fiesta Dinnerware – Where Innovation Meets Technology

Fiesta Dinnerware – Where Innovation Meets Technology

If you are calling your boss for dinner or organizing a special dinner party for friends, the thing that you worry about is what to serve and how to serve? So here we have come up with an answer to this question, which is Fiesta Dinnerware.

With perfect sets of bakeware, serveware, and counter tabletops, Fiesta Dinnerware enhances the food time on any occasion. It has a set of plates, serving spoons, bowls, containers, teapots, cups, and serving dishes. Just one set of Fiesta Dinnerware intensifies the look of your kitchen. It offers more than 30 shades – from plain white to rustic black and many more colors.

The beginning of the Homer Laughlin China Company

The journey of Fiesta Dinnerware began in the year 1871 when the Laughlin Brothers started selling pottery made in East Liverpool, Ohio. The pottery was made out of the clay from the Ohio River and was transported across the nation. With the change in time, people switched from yellow clay pottery to white pottery, produced in England. Owing to the reduction in demand of their product, Laughlin Brothers came up with an idea of manufacturing white pottery. They started this production in the year 1873 and within three years, they were manufacturing a reputed product that had won The United States Centennial Exposition Award in Philadelphia. Later, the younger brother left the company and the business. In the 1880s, the company was named as Homer Laughlin China Works and became amongst the top manufacturers of earthen dinnerware and toilet ware. This was the start of Homer Laughlin China Company.

Introduction of Fiesta Dinnerware

In the year 1936, the Laughlin Company started manufacturing pottery in four different colors viz, green, yellow, red, and cobalt. They then started selling their products individually. Thus, buyers were not bound to buy the whole set of expensive dinnerware. Instead, they had a choice to pick up from their favorite color and requirement to make a set. This idea was later named as Fiesta Dinnerware, which is now a renowned manufacturer of colorful dinner wares.

Are Fiesta wares radioactive?

If you have been told that Fiesta wares are radioactive and may lead to diseases like cancer and tumor, you have the wrong information. Fiesta wares are not radioactive in nature. Early in 1936, when these ceramic wares started manufacturing colorful products, those products contained uranium oxide. But later in 1972, use of uranium was completely banned. So the products manufactured after 1972 had no trace of uranium in it and are not at all radioactive in nature. Worry not; you are eating safe and healthy.

How to buy Fiesta Dinnerware?

Fiesta Dinnerware can be bought both online and offline. You must refer to the Fiesta Guidebook prior to buying the product. This will give you an idea of color collections and trademark of the original product, saving you from any kind of cheat or fraud, related to the product.

Handling Fiesta Dinnerware

Handling Fiesta Dinnerware wrongly may lead to breakage or damage to the product. Tough Fiesta is oven-friendly. It is safe from 0 degrees up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Exceeding this limit would lead to a crack in your cookware. Use of lukewarm water and mild detergent will keep your Fiesta utensils safe. Do not cut or chop anything on Fiesta plates, to avoid cracks or damage.