Features provided by the best VoIP business phone services

Features provided by the best VoIP business phone services

VoIP or the voice over Internet protocol can be a boon for business setups of all sizes. No matter how much the strength of the employees is, it is a one-time investment that helps you in achieving a lot of productivity and save money in the process. The simple idea of connecting to another person with the help of the Internet or any other related data service has made it big in the market. The business setups that require you to pitch your ideas to people sitting in various parts of the country can cost you a lot. But with the best VoIP business phone services, you can quickly do as you please at a low cost and low maintenance setup.

The list of 2017’s best VoIP services providers has been made from the following features that you must look out for:

Auto attendant
If you are looking for a professional set up that lets you decide on a generalized greeting for anyone who logs in to the system and tries to connect to the company, then the VoIP with an auto attendant is your best bet. An IVR system helps in getting you through to the specific employee who holds expertise in giving you solutions as required.

Voicemail transcription
If you have the clock call service then a voicemail transcription will help you in the long run. The mentioned feature helps in transcribing the voicemail message and send it to you as an email on the pre-entered official ID. It will help you to access the conversation in case of an emergency.

Virtual extensions
Some of the best VoIP business phone services allow unlimited extensions for every employee in each department. It helps in dividing the responsibility so that no client call goes unattended at any point in time. If you have limited employees, you can choose the number of extensions that you need and divide the work accordingly.

Other integrated forms
You can get access to different ways of communicating with the client like fax, text messages or live chat services when the employees are connected to the office software. They are helpful for people who want a virtual form of communication over a personalized call by the company.

The 2017’s best VoIP services providers are as follows:

  • Nextiva
  • Vonage®
  • Jive

Users have selected these by the requirements that they felt were present in these systems.