Facts you didn’t know about Morkie puppies

Facts you didn’t know about Morkie puppies

Morkie, the designer crossbreed between Yorkie and Maltese is definitely an adorable one. It does not require a long yard to play; it gets easily along with the adults as well as kids and can fit itself into any kind of household. However, this does not mean that every family can handle a Morkie. Following are some facts about the Morkies that one should remember before bringing a puppy home.

Morkie puppies may look innocent, but they are extremely stubborn, making it difficult to dominate them. They prefer to do things their own way. It may be difficult at times to make them listen to you do not have a very dominating nature.

These cute little puppies can live for 10-13 years. Getting a morbid puppy is a long time commitment. Getting a puppy home and abandoning it is not a good option.

Morkies are a very tiny breed and may weigh anywhere from four to 12 pounds. You may end up having a puppy-like dog. While some don’t grow bigger at all, some do if they are fed a healthy and balanced diet.

Morkies are very tiny and innocent animals. They can easily get hurt by kids or by other animals. When they are not willing to play, children can accidentally hurt them by playing with them forcibly or harshly. Hence, you should keep an eye on them while kids are around.

If you are looking for an active dog then surely Morkies are not the apt ones. They can never be persuaded into long walks. They moment it gets too much for them, they will turn towards the house. A short walk of around five minutes is perfect for them.

The appearance of these little Morkie pups may be quite deceiving. You will be surprised how fast they get hungry. They will jump at the chance of eating anything and will always appreciate you for feeding them frequently. However, you need to be aware that over-feeding may lead to obesity.

These cute little ones are animal-friendly. They can be friends with both cats and dogs. Hence one need not worry about the other animals at home. Morkies will fit perfectly well.

If you don’t like noise at all then surely Morkie is not a good choice. Like most other puppies, they bark a lot at almost everything.

Morkies are quite fragile and you need to be very careful while handling them. A regular visit to the vet is highly recommended.