Speed Queen washers – Types, make and more

Speed Queen washers – Types, make and more

Speed Queen washer has been one of the leading manufacturers of washing machines. All the washers are designed, built, and rigorously tested to give you the best functioning washers. Speed Queen washers have different washer-extractors that vary according to their size and speed.

Some of the types of the Speed Queen washers are:

Hard mount Washer-Extractors
The hard mount washer extractors are highly reliable and durable. These washers are packed with superior technological features such as advanced inverter drive technology, patented leak detection, and simple installation. The water consumption is extremely low for these hard-mount washers. They come in different capacities such as 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lb.

The rapid extraction washes the grime off the clothes. The user can have complete control over the laundry functions to get optimal efficiency.

Top Load Washers
The top load washers are manufactured using the heavy-duty components. They contain the stainless steel washtub, metallic body, and high-grade commercial cabinet. The top loaders come in different capacities such as 14 and 16 lb. It has the curved four vane agitators which provide 210⁰ wash stroke to pull off the dirt.

The stainless steel tub is smoother and has a lifelong warranty. The clothes are washed gently without fraying and tearing them.

Operating the Speed Queen washers is relatively easy. Use the touch screen panel to operate the machine. Excess water is propelled through the clothes to ensure better cleaning. All your clothes remain in good condition even after multiple washes in Speed Queen washer.

It is important to know all the necessary information and features of the Speed Queen Washer. You can even read the reviews and feedback of the customers to know more precisely about the washer.

The Speed Queen washer is best for commercial use. The high wash quality delivers unbeatable cleaning ensuring maximum satisfaction to the customers.

If you want to buy highly-efficient washers, Speed Queen washer is the best investment. These washers have a high energy rating and are compliant with the energy and washer standards of commercial washers. The resultant cleaning is of unparalleled quality.