Factors to Consider before Buying Gas Leaf Blowers

Factors to Consider before Buying Gas Leaf Blowers

Every fall you find clogged drains, inundated driveways, and lawns. But you don’t need to. If you want attractive looking lawns and well-maintained driveways, try blowing away the compost. For that, you need to search for a reliable, powerful Gas Leaf Blower.

The markets and departmental stores are flooded with the wide collection of leaf blowers, offering an array of features to provide optimum services. From good old fashioned gas leaf blowers to blowers with vacuum bags to latest well equipped electric leaf blowers, there are ample options to choose from.

Few considerations before buying a gas leaf blower


First and foremost on the list of an average buyer is the budget they set aside. Clearly, everyone wants the best quality with the lowest price range.


Designates the speed at which the air blows from the nozzle. The better the MPH, better the performance.


Stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute. It indicates the strength at which the equipment blows the air out. Higher CFM means faster cleaning.


For a number of reasons, blowers are continually upgraded by the manufacturers; one of the reasons being weight. If it weighs more, it would be difficult to carry on the work for longer and may cause back pain.


Like everything else you buy, these products are rated based on personal experiences. Don’t forget to check out the ratings given by users.


The noise level of a tool, measured at its peak potential. Higher decibel means more power.

Advantages of gas leaf blowers

You must be wondering in the age of light-weight, cost-effective, less-noisy electric leaf blowers, why use the bulky, gas leaf blowers?

However, before you make a choice, ask yourself these simple questions.

Is your yard or lawn bigger than 0.5 acres? Then the electric leaf blowers might not be a spot on solution for you. The efficiency level of gas leaf blowers is far more suited to bigger areas and professional complexes. Electric ones aren’t as efficient as of yet.

Are the electric leaf blowers indeed that cheap? What about the cost of a battery that needs changing, aren’t they expensive? What about the maintenance cost of the equipment and its’ batteries?

Considering the pollution factors, blowers needing gasoline and oil mixes do emit pollutants in the air, but, so do the battery operated ones. Using electricity requires burning fossils unless the batteries charge through solar energy.

Are you comfortable being confined to certain areas while using the electric blowers with low loosening power? What about those twigs and wet leaves stuck inside the nooks and crannies of your fences? You can always buy a gas-powered backpack blower, easy to carry and reaches those little devils in no time. Agreed, they have many cordless versions available in the market, but those aren’t cheap. You will end up spending more than you would on gas leaf blowers.

Types of gas leaf blowers available in the market

The following are the two varieties of engines powering up the gas leaf blowers:

The 2-cycle engine

It weighs less, produces less noise, and is cheaper to own. This is where the reviews go bad when people are not conversant with the contents this equipment needs. Use the gasoline and oil mix, or face the jammed carburetors.

The 4-cycle engine

A relatively higher version of the 2-cycle engine helps you get rid of the above obligation of mixing oils. The catch it would cost you more.

However, the one drawback is that gas leaf blowers can be noisy. But you can choose the ones that have low dBA. And try not to disturb your neighbor early mornings or late nights, especially on weekends!

Ultimately, it is up to you to choose a leaf blower as per your requirement. But for a job done right, gas leaf blowers are the best in the business.