Explore the country through river cruise

Explore the country through river cruise

A riverboat cruise package is a wonderful escape from the real world, and it is a journey into an enchanting land of dreams. The waterways in the country have some great cruises and best river cruise deals. The best river cruise deals offer a host of facilities on board like a library, fine dining, live entertainment and other options to relax and enjoy.

The riverboat cruise deals have become more popular as they do not involve the hassles that are associated with air travel. There are numerous ways to explore the country through the best river cruise deals. Here are some:

Memphis to New Orleans—Lower Mississippi River
The legendary Mississippi river cruises from Memphis to New Orleans offers a plethora of music, cuisine, and other cultural activities. These voyages allow you to feel the enchantment of these vibrant cities.

St. Paul to St. Louis—Upper Mississippi River
This elegant and the best riverboat cruise travels through the upper Mississippi River while making numerous stops at cities like Wisconsin, Hannibal, and others. The riverbanks provide spectacular sights when they are drenched in colors of red and gold during autumn.

Pacific Northwest—Columbia and Snake River
The discount river cruise deal takes one on a journey through wonderful and historic landmarks of the cities of Portland, Washington, Oregon, and others. The spring season adds to the beauty of the voyage. You could even savor the wines from some of the finest wineries along the route.

Alaska—Waterways near Juneau
The itinerary includes an exciting exploration of small towns and coastal cities. If the idea of adventure involves hiking and trekking across icy blue glaciers, drifting through fjords, then this inexpensive river cruise deal is the one for you.

New York City—Hudson River Valley
Enjoy the scenery on the deck of this cruise that goes on-board River Hudson. The luxury river cruise covers historic landmarks as it traverses through two cities—Poughkeepsie and Albany. The view of the majestic Saugerties lighthouse and a special tour of the US Military Academy are a part of some of the best river cruise deals.

Toronto to Duluth—Great Lakes Region
This cruise takes you into Canada so, you will need your passport for this one. The travel covers all five lakes and includes a breathtakingly majestic view of the Niagara Falls. You can visit the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield village as this best river cruise deal includes an one day visit to the city of Detroit.

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