Everything you should know before buying Disneyland tickets

Everything you should know before buying Disneyland tickets

Disneyland in California is a great place and is on many people’s travel bucket list. While many believe that Disneyland is an expensive affair, it can be made more affordable with the help of discounts. Buying Disneyland tickets on a discount can help you save money for other experiences. Here are some guidelines that you should follow to get the best deals:

  • Buy only from a Disneyland authorized ticket seller
    One of the most important things about purchasing Disneyland tickets, irrespective of discount, is to buy it from a genuine dealer. Tickets to Disneyland are sold by authorized ticket sellers only. This guideline is extremely important as it is considered as an investment if you are all about great experiences. Like most highly valued goods, Disneyland tickets can be counterfeited too.

  • Read all terms and conditions
    You should carefully go through all the terms and conditions before buying Disneyland tickets. Ensure that your tickets do not expire before your visit. Take a look at the transfer and refund policies. Additionally, pay attention to details, such as how will you receive them. For example, you may have to collect the tickets from the ticket booth or you may receive an e-copy of the ticket that you would need to print out.

  • Check authenticity
    If you suspect that the offers received on your Disneyland tickets are too good to be true, chances are that might be true. There are no steep discounts on these tickets. This is especially true in the case of 1-day passes.

  • Disneyland parking
    Disneyland tickets provide a wide range of parking options for guests. These options are specified on the Disneyland website. The fee required for self-parking a standard vehicle is around USD 25 (per day) and parking at preferred spots for a standard vehicle is around USD 40. All you need to do to upgrade to pre-purchased parking is pay an additional fee of USD 15.

  • 1-day passes are rarely discounted
    Single-day Disneyland tickets are sold at a discount on rare occasions. The best way to buy a one-day ticket is by making the purchase directly at the resort. However, specific groups like students, teachers, and military personnel among a few others can get discounted one-day tickets through certain associations.

  • Kids under the age of 3 are free
    Disneyland is all about new experiences. As a result, they have made this easier by not charging children under the age of 3. Children from the ages of 3 to 9 require a child ticket for admission. Meanwhile, any child above 10 years of age requires an adult ticket to visit Disneyland.
  • Magic Morning
    Magic Morning is a major benefit that you can receive when you buy a 3, 4, or 5-day Disneyland ticket. It allows you to enter the park one hour prior to the opening. Mostly, Magic Morning are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays but it can vary as per the discretion of the park management.

How can you get discount Disneyland tickets?
There are various schemes and associations from where you can avail a discount on Disneyland tickets. However, they are subject to availability and eligibility. Here are some ways you can get discounts on Disneyland tickets:

  • Disneyland hotel packages
    If you bundle your hotel cost with the Disneyland park tickets, you are likely to save much more money. There is a wide selection of hotels near the park to choose from. These also include the Good Neighbor Hotels that are approved by Disney.

  • Disney Southern California Select Passport
    For a limited amount of time, residents from Southern California can avail annual passes. These annual passes are for both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure parks. However, these offers are only available on fixed dates.

    You will also get an additional 10% reduction for select dining and merchandise. The prices, in this case, start from USD 399 for individuals above the age of 3 years.

  • American Automobile Association
    Disneyland tickets are available at slight discounts ranging between USD 8 to USD 14 for members of the American Automobile Association. These discounts are only available on 2, 3, 4, and 5-day passes.

  • Military discounts
    Disneyland tickets are available at special discounts for military personnel. Both active and retired personnel of the military can avail these discounts.

  • Group Ticket Discounts
    If you are traveling to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park with a group of 15 people or above, you can avail discounts on tickets. However, this offer is only applicable to groups belonging to qualified nonprofit organizations. You have to call the park to secure your discount. Furthermore, the Disney Youth Program offers Disneyland tickets to groups of kids between the ages of 3 to 22.