Everything you need to know about nutritional health consultation

Everything you need to know about nutritional health consultation

Thousands of diet plans, hundreds of exercise regimes, ample of free advice and conflicting information on the internet makes newbies aiming at shedding those extra pounds frustrated, disappointed, and hopeless! What’s worse, the concept of optimal nutrition undergoes a change every decade adding to the woes of those who thought they did it right.

The best remedy, therefore, for people with health issues, weight problems and nutrient deficiency is to seek professional nutritional health consultation. Nutrient health consultation is designed to help everyone who is looking for a diet overhaul, manage a medical condition, fine-tune food choices, and the like. Nutritional health consultation and dietary intervention is known to benefit people with heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, pre-diabetic conditions, diabetes, IBS, celiac disease, obesity, weight normalization, convalescence, pregnancy etc.

Since no two bodies are alike, the nutritional requirements for every individual is unique and that’s why personal nutrition consultation especially helps. The nutritionist incorporates useful cues from your tendencies, lifestyles, body requirements to design a unique and balanced plan.

Nutritional health consultation begins with a questionnaire that requires you to fill in critical information about ongoing medications, supplements, surgeries, allergies, stress levels, lifestyle, sleep patterns, energy levels, activity etc. Some nutritionists may advice you to even jot down the things you ate 24-hrs prior to the consultation. Many nutritionists ask their clients to maintain a diary of their food intake a couple of days prior to the diet. This follows an examination of your current condition. The examination includes a blood test to gauge the activity of the blood, toxins in the blood, blood type etc. An iridology examination is done to determine inherent weaknesses and other important factors. Once all tests and questionnaires are complete, your nutritionist may explain any nutrient deficiency or an excess of nutrient that you may have. A diet plan to suit your requirements may then be prepared. The next few consultations may be spent in observing your body’s response, new development and overall progress.

Nutritional health consultation is an expense that is usually not covered by health consultation, however, it is a very cost-effective investment for your long-term health. The duration of the nutritional consultation depends on your progress and overall well-being. Nutritional health consultation is a partnership that helps you achieve your health goals and course corrects your food and lifestyle habits.