8 must-have shoes for all women

8 must-have shoes for all women

Most of us do not possess the funds or the availability of closet space to buy every pair of shoes that become trendy. But there are some staple trends that never go out of style and are economical to buy as well. These key shoe styles are a must-have in every closet and with them, you can have the right pair for the right occasion. So, here are the top pairs of women’s shoes that you must invest in.

Also known as flats, these shoes are comfortable and versatile. They are both casual and ladylike which make them suitable for women of all ages. You can pair them up with pretty skirts, shorts, and even suits.

Cute, versatile, casual, and comfortable. No matter how many pairs of shoes you own, Chucks are perfect with jeans and casual pants and shorts.

Ankle boots
Ankle boots have always enjoyed a huge celebrity following. The best part of these boots is that you can wear them all round the year. Select a neutral color and a pair that’s equipped with a comfortable heel.

As soon as spring or summer strikes, a canvas or cork espadrille is the go-to shoe. If you still don’t have a pair of wedges, make sure you grab a pair before the summer hits! Comfortable and stable, wedges are easy to wear.

A pair of patent leather pumps in a beautiful colors will flaunt your legs. Regardless of if you need regular office or dressy evening wear, a pair of classic pumps will never let you down.

Everyday sandals have a posh look that doesn’t come with flip-flops. Sandals are perfect for summer and there is a wide variety to choose from. Find a pair with unique detailing or embellishments of beads and sequins to set you apart from the crowd.

Stiletto heels
All girls must have a pair of sexy heels in her wardrobe. No matter whether you like a statement leopard skin print or a bright color, make sure you have a pair in your closet. While we all lust after flash of sassy red sole, stilettos can be purchased economically.

Are you always looking for that perfectly adaptable pair of shoes? Nude heels are what you’re searching for. Take a leaf from the book- nude heels give the visual illusion of increased leg length, while the heel shapes the legs. Shoe genius.

If you are still confused about which shoes to buy, do a quick shoe stock take of your closet. Find out which shoes you already have and if any need to be upgraded. Make a list and go shopping, either online, or at a mall. Take your friends for expert opinions and advice.

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