Enjoy Unlimited Calls And Texts With Free Government Cell Phones

Enjoy Unlimited Calls And Texts With Free Government Cell Phones

People cannot spend a day without making phone calls, texts or posting updates on social media. Eighty-one percent of citizens in the country spend most of their time on social media through their smartphones by using apps such as YouTube, SnapChat, Facebook, and Instagram. The government has now made acquiring cell phones much easier and practically free of cost.


To make communications better and more efficient, the service provider of TruConnect provides people with free wireless services. The flexible schemes offered by the help every netizen to build an effective communication with the virtual world.

  • Being one of the most popular providers of free government cell phones, TruConnect is available in Missouri, Nevada, California, Kentucky, Kansas, and Texas
  • The special plan for the Californian citizen’s offer includes unlimited call. A 3.5″ display Android phone come with this offer. Additionally, people can avail the service to get 500MB of data in every month
  • However, the other states than California can only get unlimited texts, 500MB data and 100 minutes

Blue Jay Wireless

For all the citizens of California, this is one of the best free government cell phones as they can get unlimited texts along with 250-500 minutes of talk time. The only drawback is that there are free data plans with this offer.

  • If you reside in California, then you will have to pay $26 for receiving 5GB data in every month.
  • For the people living outside California, $3.60 needs to be paid for extra 500MB data
  • The service is available is available even in Puerto Rico which is an unconventional step for the Blue Jay Wireless company
  • Usually being available in North Dakota, Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Michigan, California and Arizona, the service provider solely focuses on giving out the best to people

Assurance Wireless

Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Alabama, Idaho, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New York, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Hampshire, Texas, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Washington, Utah, Wisconsin, and Oregon are the places where the residents can get the amazing perks of this service provider.

  • Assurance Wireless offers free and brand new Android phones which are not even second hand
  • The smartphones are given the 350 minutes free call facility and the unlimited texts
  • For the netizens, the service provider gives out 500MB data without charging them a penny
  • If the 350 minutes free call is over, you can get recharge the plan with top-ups.

Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is available in Utah, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Indiana, Maryland, Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona, Arkansas and Ohio for helping out people regardless of class or occupation.

  • With the free cell phone, you get unlimited texts and 500 minutes of free talk time
  • The unused perks like texts and calls can be added to the next month
  • There is a bonus game that you can avail by referring people. The users receive 100 free bonus minutes every time their referred person receives calls from Q Link Wireless

Sprocket Wireless

Another service that has become popular among all the free government cell phones is that the Sprocket Wireless which is ideal for the people living in the remote areas of Oklahoma.

  • The new smartphone from the provider comes to your band for which you do not have to spend a penny. You can get the unlimited texts and talk time by paying for $1
  • Covering most of the rural areas of Oklahoma, the service provider is available in Dustin, Broken Bow, Fairfax, McAlester, Stigler, and Muskogee. If you only belong to the specific areas of Oklahoma, then you can only avail the offer
  • This is not completely a phone offer because you need to spend $1 every month

The government is taking an initiative to better people’s lives in every way by providing them with effective benefits such as free cell phones. Free cell phones for every person can ease life and help one earn prosperity in life exponentially. Henceforth, people can look forward to great more features and benefits coming from the free cell phones.