Effective tips to remove urine stains

Effective tips to remove urine stains

Accidents happen to everyone and urine stains are hardly a topic to worry about. However, this does not undermine the fact that even the smallest urine stain can smell the worst of all. It is, important, to get rid of that stain that can produce both a bad odor as well as discoloration leading to a permanent stain. Remember, the longer that the acidic urine will be in contact with the fabric, the harder it will become to remove it. In case, you have pets in the house whose favorite place to leave their urine is your mattress or any other fabric, it is recommended to take the steps listed below.

Removing urine stains from washable fabric

  • If you have worked with a clothed diaper, you might be aware that the urine cannot be soaked. For keeping the fabric from the issue, a big container must be filled with cold water. You can wash the fabric with water and add half a cup of baking soda to it. This acts as an efficient pet stain removal that can totally remove the odor of the urine.
  • You can remove the stain by rubbing it and soaking it in cold water before it is washed. No matter what the circumstances are, hot water should not be used as the stain becomes particularly difficult to get rid of. Now, when the stain has to be washed, 1 cup of soda must be added to the water, along with some disinfectant and detergent. This helpful pet stain removal technique will drive away worries of bacteria.
  • 100% pure cotton fabric can be disinfected using chlorine bleach while synthetic and colored fabrics need a unique method of disinfection. When the urine stain is dried, soak the fabric in a solution of cold water and use an effective urine stain remover with it.
  • It is also recommended that you follow the instructions that are given in the package of that pet stain removal product. After you pre-soak the same in warm water, regular detergent for your clothes must be used. If the same problem continues, then a new bleach that is oxygen-based must be used. Water can also be used for soaking it overnight and then rewashing.

Removing urine stains from dry-clean only fabrics
If the garment is just dry clean, urine can be blotted up with a white towel. Then, the stain must be sponged with a white cloth that is dipped in water. This way the blot would dry. More water should not be added because it’s silk. The stain might spread and hence, the dry cleaner will find things difficult. Choose an experienced professional for garment cleaning in this case. If you have plans to dry-clean the same at home, it must be treated with a good urine stain remover.

Removing stains from upholstery
Since most upholstery cannot be soaked with washer, do not oversaturate the fabric and try to keep the stained area as less as possible. The only exception will be for vintage or silk upholstery. If you are facing any difficulties, it is time to ask for the advice of a professional.

Removing urine stains from carpets
Without wasting any time, use a white towel for soaking urine or use a white rag. A colored cloth shouldn’t be used as dye as color can be transferred to the carpet and then it will be another problem to solve. Use 1 cup vinegar, 1 water cup and 2 spoons of dishwashing detergent. Plain water must be applied in a good amount so that the residue is rinsed away. It is essential to rinse the area as it can get the soil to be attracted by the soap.

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