Effective alternative treatments to cure herpes

Effective alternative treatments to cure herpes

With advancements in medical sciences, oral or genital herpes can be kept under control by timely medical intervention. It is imperative to seek medical advice and counselling during the initial outbreak. Antiviral medication, used as the standard treatment against herpes infection, helps in relieving the symptoms and reduces the duration of the outbreak.

In some cases, the virus causes serious eye infections that may blind you permanently. Other complications include herpes Encephalitis, which may damage your brain cells. Herpes makes you more susceptible to HIV infections and can cause cervical cancer.
There are several treatments which are in pipeline and scientists hope to find a medication, which will be able to kill the herpes Virus. However, research is still in developmental stage and may take some time before it becomes available to consumers. Microbicides work by killing microbes before they enter the body, are being developed as a possible line of treatment. Scientists are also working on a vaccine that protects against HSV-2. However, there are several alternative treatments for herpes. Some of them are listed below!

  • Echinacea plant extracts: Extract of the echinacea plant strengthens our body’s immunity to fight with genital herpes infection. Several studies claim that the extract heals the sores rapidly.
  • Propolis ointments: Ointments containing propolis (a substance produced by honeybee) is also known for healing sores caused by genital herpes.
  • Oleuropein: Another popular alternative treatment is Oleuropein, which contains extracts of olive leaf. The leaf extract boosts the immune system. It is highly recommended as an effective medication that kills both types of herpes virus by interacting with the protein shell of the virus. Olive oil capsules or tincture are sold by several brands and are easily available at stores.
  • Herbs: Studies on Prunella vulgaris and gypsy mushroom have found they contain chemicals that fight herpes simplex type I and herpes simplex type II virus. Pure oregano oil is a powerful natural antibiotic. Pure oregano oil contains Carvacrol that kills the Herpes virus.
  • Foods: Orange and red vegetables, foods rich in Lysine, lean meat and fish help in combating herpes outbreaks.
  • Natural remedies: Some other natural remedies for herpes include lemon balm, Liquorice roots, tea bags and Epsom salt.

These treatments have not been approved by the FDA, but there are studies and recommendations from real consumers who claim their effectiveness. Most of these products are easily available at online websites and retail stores. Since the alternative medicines rely on natural extracts, the chances of contraindications are remote. But you should exercise caution while using any such product and check recommendations of real users before trying them.

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