Ease your cellphone plan shopping

Ease your cellphone plan shopping

Find out some of the popular cellphone plans you can shop for. It can be a task to research the best cell phone plan for yourself. Here are some of the plans available for you to choose from. You can save your money on cell phone plans by comparing and choosing the one that is right for your usage.

Companies that you can shop from are Virgin Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket Wireless, T-mobile, MetroPCS, Boost, Republic, Project Fi, and Republic Wireless.

Virgin Mobile

There is a plan called Love where you need to pay $35 a month and you get 5 GB of data along with unlimited talk time and text messages. It is a cheap option one can go for.


Verizon too has come up with a 5 GB plan with various monthly plans like $60, $55, and a $5 discount if the payment method is online and automatic. Plan is similar to Virgin Mobile’s as they too give 5 GB of data with unlimited calling and text messages. There is also an option of getting started with this plan even if one uses the traditional plan (postpaid) in case someone does not want to go prepaid.

Cricket Wireless

The name of the plan you can go for is Cricket basic with group save. Here the monthly price you need to pay is $100 and you get 4 GB of data per line as you get four lines in $100 in this pack. There is unlimited talk time and text messages.


The AT&T unlimited choice plan offers you unlimited data, minutes, and text messages in $165 and $155 with a $10 discount if the payment method is automatic. The unlimited data is the attractive element in the plan.


Under the boost unlimited plan, you pay $50 or $45 with a $5 autopayment method discount and you will get unlimited minutes, texts, and high-speed data. You can check with the company directly to confirm the data size. In prepaid option, this plan offers you an 8 GB of mobile hot spot data.


Go for Sprint unlimited freedom plan to get unlimited high-speed data along with unlimited minutes and text messages only for $55 for the first year. The price increases to $65 after the first year. You can save $5 by opting for autopayment method.

There are many other such plans by different companies and their sister companies you can look up for and compare them online or with your friends too. You also need to check the activation fee that these companies charge for their plans. Not every plan will have an activation fee but some might.