Discounted senior airfares

Discounted senior airfares

The US government offers a number of discounts for servicemen and the disabled. However, many people don’t know is that there are a few airlines that offer discounts for senior citizens as well. This means that, if you’re above the age of 65 years, you can avail discounts on airfares. Let’s look at some of the airlines offering discounts on senior airfares.

Airlines offering discounts to senior citizens
United Airlines:
This airline offers discounts on senior airfares for citizens aged 65 and above to selected places. You’ll get all the details while making the reservations. Make sure to book under “Senior Citizen,” to avail these discounts.
American Airlines: American Airlines offers discounted senior fares on certain occasions. Discounts are available in some domestic markets for passengers who are 65 years of age or older. However, they don’t have discounted airfares for every flight, throughout the year.
Alaska Airlines: They currently offer a 10% discount for select itineraries for passengers who are 60 years and above.
Continental Airlines: It provides discounted senior airfares for passengers who are 65 years old and above for select itineraries. You can avail this discount while making a telephonic reservation. When booking online through their website, choose the “Seniors age 65 and older” category in the advanced search tab.
Delta Airlines: They do offer a senior fare for citizens above 65 years of age. However, this offer isn’t available online through their website and you need to make the bookings by phone.
Hawaiian Airlines: This airline offers a 10% discounted fare for certain flights for passengers who are 60 years and above. These fares are mainly available through their phone reservation system.
Horizon Airlines: This airline offers a 10% discounted fare for select itineraries for passengers who are 60 years and above. This is an ongoing deal.
Southwest Airlines: This airline has a number of discounts that are available for passengers who are 65 years and above.
Allegiant Airlines: This airline doesn’t offer a senior discount on online reservations. To avail a discounted fare, you may have to buy a ticket at the airport itself.

Airlines Not Offering Discounted Senior Fares
JetBlue Airlines:
JetBlue fares are already discounted for their customers and so they don’t offer any additional discounts or special fares for senior citizens.
Virgin America: They used to offer discounted fares for their senior customers but they no longer do so.
Spirit Airlines: This airline already offers airfare at a very discounted rate. There are no extra discounts for senior citizens.
Sun Country Airlines: This airline doesn’t provide a discounted fare for senior citizens.

Next time you book your flight, remember these discounts. You could get a great price for your next holiday!

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