Different types of kitchen sinks to choose from

Different types of kitchen sinks to choose from

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the household. It is where you would cook a delicious meal. It must be constructed with the quality fittings and fixtures. A kitchen sink is one of the most important components in the kitchen. Thus, it is essential to take care of the kitchen sink as well. There are a number of varieties available for kitchen sinks in the market today. From indoor to the outdoor kitchen sink and a variety of kitchen faucets, you have a wide variety to choose from. Find below some of the most commonly installed kitchen sinks in every household today.

Apron Kitchen Sinks
Apron kitchen sinks are also known as farmhouse kitchen sinks. The front wall distinguishes this kind of sink from others. The counter and the sink front are the same. Apron kitchen sinks are generally single large basins. The most popular kind of installation is the level and integrated one with the counters. Sometimes, they are installed to create a country style as well. It is on top of a freestanding table or a cabinet on their own and not encased by counters. The best part about apron kitchen sinks is that they can hold big baking pans and casserole at ease. Since there is not much room between the edge of the counter and the sink; people can get closer to the latter, which helps in avoiding fatigue.

Cast Iron Sinks
Cast iron is probably the oldest material used for making kitchen sinks which is still a popular choice. The glossy, bright enamel finish appeals to homeowners because they last really long. As the name suggests, this kind of sink is manufactured by casting iron. Bare rods will get rusted, thus cast iron sinks are topped with thick porcelain enamel finish. The tough enamel finish resists scratches and stains.

Drop-in Kitchen Sinks
Drop-in kitchen sinks are also known as top mount kitchen sinks. This is one of the most common types of kitchen sinks which are installed from above. Generally, a hole is made into the counter material and the kitchen sink is dropped inside from above. The rim of the sink is then sealed with silicon. Drop-in kitchen sinks are easy to install since not much needs to be done especially if the hole is already cut in the counter.

Stainless Steel Sinks
Stainless steel sinks are the first choice for many since they are sturdy as well as inexpensive. Moreover, they are easy to clean. They would not scratch easily and fits well on most countertop surfaces. It is better to opt for the slightly thicker variety since they are supposed to last long.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks
Undermount kitchen sinks are attached to the counter’s bottom side. It makes use of the base structure of the cabinets in order to get support. This gives a consistent look on the countertop. While this is made keeping in mind solid surface countertops, they can be installed on composite or marble surface as well along with others.