Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets Available for Your Home

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets Available for Your Home

The most important aspect when designing your kitchen is deciding on the type of cabinets. In addition to functionality, kitchen cabinets score on aesthetics as well. Once the layout is planned, you can go ahead with choosing the cabinets. If you’re remodeling your home or just the kitchen, what you need to consider are the types of cabinets that furnish your kitchen.

Here are a few types of kitchen cabinets that you can choose from.

Base cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are mounted on the floor and they are placed after checking out the floor plan. A major part of your job in the kitchen is on these base cabinets, which hold and support the countertops. These base cabinets are combined to carve out kitchen islands. A number of base cabinets are fused/set against one another and installed on site. The base cabinets, in addition to supporting the countertops, serve as drawers to hold your cutlery and appliances.

Wall cabinets

Mounted on the walls, these cabinets can store everything, right from your cookware to cookbooks. In terms of design, they offer utmost flexibility. Wall cabinet kitchen is available in varying heights, multiple widths, and custom depth options. This customization helps you to fit in your stuff of varying shapes and sizes into the wall cabinets.
You can stack the wall cabinets from the floor to the ceiling, to store all the kitchen appliances and other things as well. The higher cabinets can be used to store occasionally used items like silver cutlery and porcelain bowls.

Tall cabinets

Popular as pantry/utility cabinets, they can extend from the floor, all the way to the ceiling. It provides more storage space compared to the wall or base cabinets. Donning the role of a pantry cabinet, you can use it to store small appliances and canned foods. The cabinet can also be altered to fit in-built ovens and microwaves.

With cabinets providing extensive storage space, all your kitchen items and appliances go inside the cabinets, giving your kitchen a clean and cool look.

Door choices for kitchen cabinets

What is visible from outside is the cabinet door. They come in various styles and the cost depends on the door style you choose, to improve your kitchen’s looks. Some of the popular kitchen cabinet door styles are listed below.

Shaker style

A popular style owing to its simplicity, this is a 5-piece flat panel style with 4 frames and a single flat center panel. Scoring high on utility, the shaker style cabinet doors suit any type of kitchens, both traditional and contemporary. Well within the reach of all consumers, the choice of wood used has a bearing on the price of the cabinet door.

Flat style

Want to keep things simple? Then the flat style of cabinet doors must be your choice. High on functionality, it’s easy on maintenance as well. The material of construction usually is wood or laminate. Coming in a variety of colors and sheen, laminate tends to be pocket-friendly.

Inset style

The cabinet is fitted inside a frame and this makes it more expensive. Having this type of door calls for extra work with precise measurements, to ensure that the door fits well into the frame and the hinges open and close properly, after giving allowance for wood expansion and contraction.

Louvered style

If you want to ensure that your cabinets are well-ventilated, louvered doors are your best choice. With spaces between the slats of wood, such doors are the most suitable for laundry cabinets. Putting louvered doors entails a good amount of expenditure, but scores high on aesthetics.


If you want to take the dual benefits of durability and affordability, thermofoil cabinet door styles fit the bill to the core. Molded out of medium-density fiberboard, the plastic-like coating and the intense heat at which it is baked makes these doors highly durable. But, make sure that in case of any damage, it gets difficult to repair these doors.

If furnishing your kitchen has been on the cards for a while, choose any of the different types of cabinets as per your needs and door style that fits your budget.