Different types of cooktops for your kitchen

Different types of cooktops for your kitchen

Many cooktops can be installed in the kitchen countertops. The kind of cooktops you need depends on your cooking habits and lifestyle. The cooktops come in a wide range of styles and offer easy and hassle-free installation.

Some of the common cooktops used in kitchens are:

Electric Coil Cooktops
These cooktops are the ideal choice for people with small families. Cleaning the electric cooktops is easy. They can be installed quickly and are highly efficient even if you use heavy cookware.

Electric Smooth Cooktops
Those who prefer to have modern and stylish kitchen tops can go for the smooth top electric range. These kitchen tops are made of glass and blend with your existing kitchen spaces. Since the top is made of glass, you need to take extra care to protect the surface from scratches or cracks. Cleaning these electric cooktops is very simple.

Induction Cooktops
The induction cooktops work on the basis of electromagnetic heating technology. There are no flames and hot surface. If you have the induction cooktops, you can be free from the accidental injuries. The induction cooktops are easy to clean and maintain. However, you would need induction cookware for using an induction cooktop. These are children-friendly as well. So, if you want to teach your younger one to cook, the induction cooktop is the best to go with.

Gas Cooktops
The gas cooktops are highly versatile. It has multiple features such as quick temperature changes and uniform cooking. The cost to operate the gas cooktops is less than the electric cooktops. They work without power, and the supply remains uninterrupted when the power goes off.

Downdraft cooktops
The downdraft cooktops have a ventilation system which is integrated into the cooktop surface. It has a small vent which absorbs the steam and smoke during cooking. The downdraft cooktop eliminates the need to have exhaust fans in the kitchen.

Modular Cooktops
As the name indicates, the modular cooktops allow you to blend the cooking elements of your choice in the cooking area. You can have the gas burners, induction and fryer modules.

You can choose from the different styles of electric and non-electric cooktops. Now you can have perfect cooking areas to accentuate the appearance of your kitchen.