Delicious chocolate gift sets to give to your loved ones

Delicious chocolate gift sets to give to your loved ones

Chocolates as gifts can be the best idea, and yet we tend to run out of variety! The trend of making some home-made chocolates and wrapping them to perfection has faded. We’ve got for you some out of the box set of chocolate gifts, that you would be pleased to gift your loved ones.

Beer-blended Chocolates
These might appear to be old school, home-made and exceptionally well packed set of chocolates, but they’re nothing like they appear. Each of these chocolates are usually packed in an assortment, and flavored with different beers. This isn’t the canned beer that is just poured, but is rather made of brewed beer. We’ve all had alcohol chocolates, and yet beer blended with chocolate should be a unique gifting solution.

Wasabi chocolate
A traditional set of chocolates from different parts of the world becomes a good pick for a memorable gift. And hence turning a little towards the east, to check on the different blends tried there with the most basic chocolates always works well. The wasabi chocolates from Japan is perfect for gifting someone who loves Japanese cuisine.

Camel milk chocolate
Exotic is what we usually want when we think of a gift. As absurd as this name sounds, lets break it to you, this would be a fabulous choice for a gift for someone. Camel’s milk is known to be low in fat content, and even has a mineral taste to it. Honey to sweeten chocolate seems doable, right? And to flavor this with our usual set of nuts, seems like just the right combo.

Chocolate crickets
Bugs covered in chocolate, seems just the opposite of what you’d like. But wait, doesn’t it set you to think out of the box? These crickets are usually over roasted and then covered in creamy milk chocolate. The essence of the crunch with the sweetness of chocolate is sure a combination that one would crave for.

Chocolate tea
The present day has introduced a heap of tea types. Be it green tea, strawberry tea, or think of a flavor and you have a tea. To top the list of the new flavors of tea, and to make it the best gift package, you have chocolate tea. Flavors include cocoa, red velvet and a whole lot more of decadence.

Chocolate pasta
That name will allow you to easily say, now I can die in peace. Pasta is the one food, no can ever say no to. And to couple that level of awesomeness with chocolate is just what the world needs.