Decorative light fixtures for your home

Decorative light fixtures for your home

With so many different types of decorative lights in the market, it is easy to get confused about what and how to use one that works best for your home interior needs. Decorative lights can be both beautiful and functional, but they require careful selection to work wonderfully for any indoor space. Here is a lowdown on different types of general decorative lights and how to use them in your home.

Task lighting:
Task lights target areas that you need for specific activities like cooking, sewing, and reading. The main purpose of task lighting is to provide glare-free visual clarity. It must aid in your task and not impede it. You may need task lights near your kitchen island, in your bathroom or dressing room, by your desk, in your kid’s room, or a reading corner. Task lights always work best with additional sources of lights in a room. For instance, a small table lamp can aid your writing or reading work when you already have general lighting in the room.
For your rooms, you can use floor or table lamps as task lights. Lamps can be used anywhere as task lights. These decorative lights serve a practical purpose and also add to your home decor.
In the kitchen or bathroom, a pendant light can aid in your tasks. Under-cabinet lights are also excellent decorative lights for the kitchen that provide perfect brightness for your kitchen chores.
Vanity lights are perfect for your bathroom and dressing area.

Ambient lighting:
Any light fixture that provides an indoor space with illumination in a comfortable manner is ambient lighting. Ambient decorative light can be chandeliers, wall scones, or any recessed lighting. Ambient lighting works best when it is as close to natural light as possible, but it is not bright enough to help with tasks. If you have a high ceiling, you can use pendant lights for the perfect ambient light. Track lights can also be used to create a softer ambient look and can work in spaces with low ceilings.
Fluorescent tubes can serve as an ambient light in a small room or closed-off space while a chandelier with dimmers is perfect for the dining area.

Accent lighting:
Accent lighting fixtures are decorative lights that bring focus to a certain design element in a room. With accent lights, you can highlight an interesting looking piece of furniture, wall art, books, or any design element. With the use of accent lights, you can create a specific atmosphere in your home space. It also lends sophistication to any indoor area. A small bulb or a big halogen light can also be used as accent lights. Picture lights or track lights are other examples. Table lamps that have opaque shades can be used to accent wall or room features. Landscape lighting and any kind of spotlight in your home interior or exterior are also accent lights.

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