Confused about biometric security features of Galaxy S8? Here’s a guide for you

Confused about biometric security features of Galaxy S8? Here’s a guide for you

Samsung galaxy S8 comes with a lot of options when it comes to unlocking the device using biometric securities. Nowadays to protect the device from uninvited people or sneaking or stealing, these techniques are installed to safeguard the phone. People must understand which option is useful for what reason. This can be confusing a bit if the differences of these technicalities aren’t understood properly. Let’s take a quick note to understand which one is most appropriate, convenient as well as safe and reliable?

If you’re having a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ 64 GB, there come three choices for logging into the phone apart from normal swipe or password, pattern lock or pin lock ones. At the back, there is finger print scanner, face recognition by using the front camera as well as one iris scanner which is on the up front. Always remember that the face recognition cannot be used simultaneously with iris scanner active. One application can be used at a time among these two. In the following, merits and demerits are elaborated for every application. Go through the discussion to understand deeply.

Fingerprint Sensor

The Pros and cons of the Fingerprint sensor is discussed in the following.

Pros: The phone can be unlocked if the user’s places his/her finger on the fingerprint sensor option. For this you don’t even have to press the power button. It’s possible for you register multiple fingerprints for verifying your account in Samsung, and not just entering the password. Moreover, it’s possible to utilise the fingerprint option for paying the things of Samsung pay.

Cons: Sometimes it’s tough to search and find the fingerprint sensor as it’s located right after the rear camera. Hence, finding by feeling can be difficult at times. Additionally, as compared to other mobile sensors, if the finger is oily or greasy this may result in issue to identify the fingers. This is even right in case of sweaty digits of fingers

Face Recognition

Pros: The set-up of face recognition is quite simple and this feature can work well even in moderate light. This is easy and needs no super brain.

Cons: But this feature is the least safe choice out of the three. This is because the technique can be fooled by using the user’s picture. Even as per some of the user’s report, a mugs hot of user can’t be recognised in bright light and in dim. More on the side is the face recognition doesn’t support the Samsung Pay.

Iris Scanner

Pros: The iris scanner option scans the eyes for logging into the device. As compared to other ones, such as face recognition, this feature works fast when users use. Additionally, the option of Samsung Pay is available and usable in terms of iris scanner option and purchasing is performed. One extra point of this feature is, it can work in dim to dark condition which the face recognition lacks.

Cons: But this feature is also not without any issues. You can’t use iris scanner in case of direct sunlight when you can’t open your eyes fully. For using this, completely-opened eyes are necessary.

Finally, if it would to suggest which option is best and when to use, the best one would be a combination of two features, iris scanner and fingerprint sensor in case of Samsung Galaxy S8. As these two features can be used at the same time, can be complementary to each other, which is necessary. Both are faster in terms of the face recognition and also support Samsung Pay option for buying. So it’s important to know the titbits when you are opting for Samsung galaxy S8 price.

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