Comparison between reusable match or lighter

Comparison between reusable match or lighter

While plastic lighters are commonly found in most stores and used generally by people, the effects it has on our planet has become prominent in the past decade. To combat such issues while also fulfilling the need for a tool to light fire, reusable match lighters were introduced. Let us see why opting for a reusable lighter is better.

Effects of plastic gas lighters
The disposable plastic lighters can only be used until the fuel in them lasts after, which they are thrown away. The wastage created can last in the ecosystem for decades. You will usually find these disposable lighters thrown away on the streets, the ocean, or in some garbage landfill. The ones that end up in the ocean get accidentally eaten by seabirds, as the birds mistake the plastic for food. Since birds cannot digest this plastic, it stays in their stomach and prevents them from eating, leading to death from starvation. The pieces can also cause internal bleeding, damaging the bird’s internal organs. Almost 90% of seabirds have consumed plastic.

Effects of disposable wooden matches
Wooden matches are the traditional form of match lighters that have been used for a long time. These are biodegradable and do not generate any more waste once used. However, producing these wooden matches causes other environmental problems.

The Aspen tree is one of the most common trees used to produce matches. Around a million matches can be made by cutting down a single aspen tree. Although this number sounds high, it is less compared to the average number of matches used. In the country, approximately 500 billion matches are lighted every year. This means around 500,000 aspen trees get cut every year to make matches. Naturally, the number of trees cut down is going to be much higher if we consider matches used in the entire world.

Significance of reusable match lighters
Reusable match lighters feature a rechargeable battery, so they just need electricity to work. Due to this design, these lighters can be used 200-300 times before needing to be recharged. You just need a USB cable to recharge a reusable match lighter. Hence, they are much more beneficial and long-lasting compared to wooden or plastic lighters. You can also opt for refillable gas lighters, as they can be durable and not cause much harm to the environment. Refillable lighters are usually made of brass. Thus, they can last for decades.