Commercial Applications of GPS

Commercial Applications of GPS

When combined with other IT based technologies, one’s own imagination and innovativeness seems to be the only limit to the applications. The first civilian department to use GPS was the survey department. The advantages to survey was so huge that the then US president ordered to share the GPS data for civilian use.

The usefulness of GPS-aided devices in the civilian sector is infinite and the numerous device manufacturers have risen to meet the challenges admirably. Truly, it is only one’s imagination limits the opportunities. Given below are some of the uses to which the GPS system is put to good uses.

Surveying normally entails tugging heavy cumbersome equipment around. Surveying depends on fixed reference points too. Imagine the difficulty in surveying long river or any water body where it is next to impossible to have a fixed reference point. GPS allows surveying using GPS data which are space based and far more accurate and more easily obtained. The whole process of surveying is greatly simplified, and eliminates the tugging of heavy and cumbersome equipment along. It reduces the manpower requirement, increases accuracy and greatly reduces both cost and time.

Cartographers could increase their accuracy manifold times using these devices. Accurate aligning of tunnels bored from both ends is now possible.

Navigation on the high seas
Navigation in high seas have challenges, conventional methods are limited by visibility and other weather conditions. Day time navigation is limited by the absence of adequate fixed reference points. GPS data helps to locate one’s position accurately in any weather condition very accurately.

Air traffic control
Air traffic gets streamlined as aircraft locations and distances are available with much greater accuracy in all weather conditions and time. The airports locations are also more accurately available. All these improve navigation and reduces flight time, saving costs.

Vehicle tracking
GPS technology has greatly benefited the trucking industry and indirectly logistics. The tracking applications are so sophisticated that besides knowing the exact location, it also has an estimate of time that it would take to reach its destination. The operator can know the fuel available in the tank, the locations the trucks stopped and the durations of the stops. All this information helps the company to increase their efficiency and punctuality and vehicle turn around.

These few examples show how greatly the GPS system has benefited the society. In recent times, as other IT solutions emerged and combining these two has increased the opportunities manifold times.

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