Chronic Headaches – Types, Causes, and Treatment

Chronic Headaches – Types, Causes, and Treatment

Chronic headaches are either a continuous mild pain in your head or just outbreaks of skull crushing headaches. If you are a victim of chronic headaches then you might suffer from headaches every other day. Chronic headaches are not a result of any other body ailment. It is an ailment in itself and should be treated judiciously.

Types of chronic headaches

  • A chronic migraine: This type of chronic headache affects either one or both side of the head and causes severe pain. It can last for as long as 4 hours and you will feel as if someone is trying to hammer a pin in your skull.
  • A chronic tension-induced headache: This headache also affects both sides of your head and you feel moderate pain.
  • A daily headache: This type of headache attacks its patient every day with a moderate amount of pain.
  • Hemicranias Continua: These headaches can turn into migraines and usually attack only one side of your head. They are also accompanied by red eyes and a runny nose. You might also feel restless and drooping eyelids.

Causes of chronic headaches
There is not any defined reason that causes chronic headaches; they can be triggered by more than one reason. Some of the causes of chronic headaches are as follows:

  • Infections: Infections like meningitis can cause chronic headaches.
  • Brain tumor: In conditions of an undetected tumor, you might experience severe headaches.
  • Blood pressure: If you are a patient of high blood pressure then the shooting up of your BP is what causes chronic headaches.
  • Problems with blood vessels in and around the brain: If there is extra pressure on your blood vessels then that can also cause chronic headaches.
  • Stress: Stress is a big reason that causes chronic headaches. Mental health is very important and taking too much tension and stress can be the reason behind chronic headaches.

Treatment for chronic headaches
The chronic headaches do not go away without medication. The first problem around this is that you will not be able to detect what causes chronic headaches. And without the exact reason, the treatment becomes difficult. If your headaches are accompanied by fever, double vision, weakness, stiffness in the body then it is necessary for you to consult a doctor. With proper medication, you can easily combat this problem. But if you feel that it is only in the initial stages, then home remedies like having ginger tea and basil water will help in treating chronic headaches.