Choosing the right college bag

Choosing the right college bag

College life can be filled with making a lot of decisions. It is filled with choices from books to notes, lectures, test preparation and many others. Getting the right bag can lift a little weight off your shoulders and simplify life for you.

The last thing you want is to worry about your back by lugging around heavy loads of books and laptops every day. Getting the right bag can make your life easier, hassle-free and more streamlined. The pressure on your knees, ankles, hips and back reduces and you can study much more comfortably.

How do you get the right bag or backpack? Rather, what should you look for in a college-goer’s ideal bag? Our handy tips will give you a crash course on picking the best. Here are some guidelines towards buying a better college bag.

Look for support
Hunt for a bag that utilizes your shoulder strength. If you are picking a backpack, get a wide, cushioned shoulder strap so that it distributes the weight of the backpack evenly on both of your shoulders. This will reduce fatigue and discomfort by helping you carry the weight of your load much easier. Pick something which offers a waist-belt. A backpack with a good waist belt will distribute the weight of your books onto your hips. This reduces a lot of strain as it complements the body’s natural design.

Skip the messenger bag
No one can deny that messenger bags are cool. However, they can be a little one-sided where putting the weight of your materials is concerned. You may find yourself getting tired while lugging it around your classes at the campus and beyond. Now, who would want that? A good, durable, weatherproof backpack or bag should come with padded shoulder straps and ease the weight off your shoulders. One-strap messenger bags forces only one shoulder to do all the heavy lifting. This could force your body posture to compensate for the uneven load.

Try out the strap adjustments
See if you can loosen and tighten up the straps according to your liking. Good shoulder straps feature foam padding which can help reduce the pressure and make carrying your books hassle-free. Shoulder straps should feel comfortable. Make them too tight and the backpack might tilt backward and make you feel uncomfortable. Just explore different lengths to find the one most suitable to you.

Additional features
A great college bag or backpack offers a plethora of features but also doesn’t stack them too much. Striking a good balance between features and functionality is the key. Look for backpacks that have interior organizational pockets. Two zippered compartments and a side pocket for carrying a water bottle can go a long way in organizing your backpack and its contents. Getting a headphone opening grommet can be useful for those occasions where you want to rewind and relax after a hard day of learning.

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