Choosing An Instant Approval Credit Card

Choosing An Instant Approval Credit Card

Instant approval credit card is a form of credit card you can get without having to go through the fuss of waiting to apply for one at your bank.
In the case of instant approval credit cards, the applicant can apply for a credit card and get notifications about approval or denial through email. You can find out if you have qualified for the card right after you fill out the online application form. To make sure that you get approved for the credit card, you need to have good credit history and a proper credit card usage pattern.
Here are a few instant approval credit cards to consider.

1. Fingerhut Credit Account
When you accept credit cards from Fingerhut, you can shop for more than 700,000 items from well-known brands including Dewalt, KitchenAid and Samsung. The application process is fast and straightforward with an easy disbursal process.

2. Pink NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card
With a direct deposit on this card, you can get government benefits and paychecks 2 days faster. Another important benefit is that you can also sign up for NetSpend Payback Rewards to earn back cash. Since this card doesn’t operate like a true credit card, there is no credit card debt or late fees.

3. Freedom Gold Card
With this instant approval credit card, there is no credit check or employment check. You simply have to apply online and receive a guaranteed approval.

4. Next Millennium
If you are looking for cards that will allow you to purchase now and pay later, then Next Millennium is the card for you. There is no credit checks and no credit turndowns.

5. OpenSky Secured Visa Credit Card
For this instant approval credit card, there is no need for a credit check for the application. The operator believes in offering the opportunity to everyone alike. The refundable deposit which you give at the time of approval finally becomes the credit line limit on the Visa card.

6. 24K Prepaid Visa RushCard
For availing the benefits of this card, you can enroll in Direct Deposit and get the rewards up to 48 hours early. You will also get real-time transaction alerts so that you can track your activities better.

7. Horizon Gold Card
This is one of the best instant approval credit cards offering $500 initial credit line with 0 percent APR. It offers unsecured credit limit and fast online approval.

8. CityScape ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card
If you are in dire need of money, this is the instant approval credit card for you. You can get checks up to two days earlier with this card. The qualifying Direct Deposit allows you to make no-cash transactions up to $300 a day at ACE locations.

9. Primor Secured Visa Gold Card
This card offers a low fixed interest rate of 9.99% on any purchases. You will have guaranteed approval as long as your income exceeds the expense by $100 or more.
10. UNITY Visa Secured Credit Card
Quite contrary to other prepaid cards, the UNITY Visa Secured Credit can aid in building your credit. You can start at any point as long as you have a minimum balance of $250.