Choose from the trendy and whimsical toys for girls

Choose from the trendy and whimsical toys for girls

The world of dolls is a fascinating one. Cabbage Patch Kids, L.O.L Surprise!, and Corolle dolls are the current hot favorites of little girls all over the world. Each of these toys for girls has its own set of unique designs and kindle the imagination of young minds. The assortment of dolls available in each of these three kinds is simply amazing. Transporting them to a fancy magical world where there are glitters, stickers, surprises, and just pure excitement, these dolls are precious collectibles. And most children desire t have the entire collection of Cabbage Patch Kids, L.O.L Surprise!, and porcelain dolls.

With vinyl heads, fabric bodies, removable clothing, and attractive hand-stitched detailing, the more than 50 different Cabbage Patch Kids dolls come as a boy or girl who has either blue, green, brown, or almond shaped eyes. They either have black, blond, brown or red hair and different skin tones. The Cabbage Patch Kids dolls are made in two sizes, 12 inches and 22 inches.

Lil Outrageous Littles, otherwise famous as the L.O.L Surprise! comes as a round and sometimes glittery ball filled with miniature fun surprises that little girls thoroughly enjoy unwrapping, layer by layer. Now, after introducing the 3rd series in their pint-sized doll collection, there are L.O.L Surprise! Pets, L.O.L Surprise! Sisters, L.O.L Surprise! Glam Glitter dolls, L.O.L Pearl Surprise, and the L.O.L Surprise! Confetti Pop Dolls. With charms, shoes, posters, spy glasses, outfits, jewelry, stickers, or tattoos as part of the different surprises, the ball transforms into a purse or keychain carrying case, a play set with a lounge and bath or a doll stand.

Made with bisque porcelain, porcelain dolls are characterized by their realistic, skin-like matte finish. Usually, the head of porcelain dolls are made with bisque and their body is made of cloth, leather, wood, papier-mâché or plastic, and their eyes are made of glass. Alexandra is a porcelain doll designed as a Victorian Era girl, Cholena is a Native American, while Nancy is a Porcelain Ballerina doll and there are so many others. While these are pretty to look at, porcelain dolls are more for display purposes than to be used as toys.

4 to 10-year-old girls are crazy about adopting Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, unboxing the L.O.L Surprise! ball, and playing with troll dolls. These limited-edition dolls are the favorite toys for girls.