Categories of supplements

Categories of supplements

Supplements or nutritional supplements are products (natural or synthetic) that are consumed with the intention of adding further nutritional value to a diet. Nutritional supplements can be one or a combination of many nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and proteins. They can be in the form of herbs, pills or be present in simple naturally occurring food substances. Based on their ingredients and intention of use, nutritional supplements are classified as given below.

The function of the cardiovascular system is to transport important substances around the body. Right from the brain to the heart and all the way to the toe. Due to some health complications, it might be difficult for the cardiovascular system to transport important substances. Hence there are supplements available that help and provide the heart and its associated arteries and veins health and support to pump and carry these important substances to the body.

Drink and mixes
Nutritional drinks and mixes are a delicious way to provide nutritional supplements like vitamins and proteins, calcium and amino acids that are necessary for cognitive and physical functions. Mixing these with water or your favorite beverage is a convenient and efficient way to fuel the body. This will help you to have full and enhance performance.

Cognitive enhancement supplements
There are nutrient supplements available that can provide improve cognitive functions such as learning, memory, attention and motor performance. These nutrients (natural or synthetic) improve performance by alterations in brain neurotransmission. This is achieved by maintaining proper levels of acetylcholine and blood and oxygen flow in the body. This helps in proper absorption of nutrients in the body.

Gastrointestinal supplements
There are some ailments of the stomach which can result in symptoms like feeling full, bloated and even heartburn and nausea. This can be due to inadequate production of acid or poor absorption. There are supplements that may assist in controlling these symptoms.

Nutritional foods
There are some supplements that are specially designed for boosting overall mind and body energy. It is specially for those individuals who have a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in the front of the computer all day can make the brain feel overworked. There are at least fifty thousand types of proteins that help in some or the other biological function. Some of these proteins and enzymes help in improving the vital process. These can be enhanced by using nutritional foods.