Cash cards – Types and best options

Cash cards – Types and best options

A cash card helps you carry digital money for making payments at stores or online. It is a secure and convenient alternative to carrying cash and does not necessarily need a bank account, with the exception of debit cards. A tool for electronic payments, cash cards typically use the funds you already have to make payments, unlike credit cards. Here is a look at free cash cards you can get and use for day-to-day transactions:

Types of cash cards
Cash cards can be linked to a bank account or are registered directly on payment networks with the option to top up your balance. Here are the common types of cash cards you can find:

Prepaid debit cards: Prepaid cards are one of the most popular types of cards. The card here stores a digital balance that can be accessed to make payments at all popular merchants. It works in a way similar to recharging your phone balance every month, but instead, you top up your debit card to make e-payments.

Payroll cards: Payroll cards are employer-issued cards with a prepaid balance to facilitate scheduled payments. Employees get immediate access to funds deposited by the employer as their salary without having to worry about having a bank account, as the card is linked to the payroll account.

Other prepaid cards: Digital merchant banking and payment apps also offer free cash cards that can be ordered online. These accounts do not require a minimum balance, maintenance charges, or any interest on the amount. You can digitally transfer funds to the linked cash card via an app and use the funds for payments at stores or online shopping platforms.

Gift cards are also cash cards that come with pre-loaded balance to be spent on a purchase.

Top free cash cards
You can apply for one or more of the following cash cards linked to payment networks, merchant services, or even apps that offer financial services.

CashApp Cash Card
If you already have an account registered with CashApp to enable merchant banking and in-store transactions, you can order a free Cash Card. The card is compatible with the Visa network. You can apply for the card on CashApp, and the prepaid chip-enabled card will be delivered within a few weeks to your residence. Once you receive the physical card, simply activate the same using the QR code on the card and start using it as you would normally use any prepaid debit card. Applicants as young as 13 years old can apply for the card with parental approval. And those who are over 18 can apply without any restrictions or limitations to avail of the free cash card facility.

Square Cash Card
If you own a business and are in need of digital money to access funds, consider applying for the Square Prepaid card. You can open the account without worrying about recurring fees or obligation to maintain a monthly balance. The card can also be used to withdraw cash from the nearest ATM. The funds are stored digitally in the square balance account and can be easily tracked to know exactly how much is being spent or collected to operate the business. The card comes with a two-step verification process and is synced to your checking account. You can also activate or lock your card using the Square application to prevent unauthorized access. The basic account features a free cash card with no monthly fees necessary. But you can also check out the premium account with services for business owners starting at $35/month for advanced features. Large-scale enterprises can even get a custom quote for enterprise-level solutions for managing inventory receipts and payments.

Mastercard® cash cards
Mastercard® is one of the top two premier payment networks used by banks and financial institutions for introducing free cash cards. Its electronic chip card enables easy money storage and can be conveniently used for payments across popular merchants. There is no comprehensive credit check or bank account required, as you will be able to spend only the value stored on the card. Branch App, Credit Sesame, H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard, Netspend Prepaid, PayPal Prepaid, Revolut, and Venmo Mastercard are among the top prepaid cards. You can apply to use these cards for payments and merchant banking transactions.

Visa cash cards
Visa is another network partner to consider, with multiple banks and financial institutions being part of its payment gateway. Visa’s ONE VIP, Netspend, smiONE™ Prepaid, ACE Elite Prepaid, CUMONEY® Visa® Everyday, Cashpass Visa, and Commerce Bank are among the top prepaid cards on the payment network. These free cash cards can be obtained without a comprehensive background check for payment at offline and online merchants. The application procedure is straightforward. These cards are great for students and homemakers who want to avoid carrying cash or maintaining a credit score and bank account with a high minimum balance.

There are several alternatives for individuals and businesses to get free cash card facilities to simplify their transactions. Digital payments are increasingly becoming secure and usually come with two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access. Cash cards are the perfect way to pay for products and services without the hassle of paperwork.