Cadillac: The luxury division of General Motors

Cadillac: The luxury division of General Motors

Cadillac is one of the superior luxury automobile brands in the country. Though the foundation of the company dates to 1902, it was taken over by General Motors in 1909. The current headquarters of the company is located in New York. John de Nysschen is the president of Cadillac who also serves as the executive vice president of General Motors.

It was formed by William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen who were previously financiers in Ford. They were joined by Henry M. Leland, an engineer. The company was established in Detroit, Michigan. It, therefore, got its name from the city’s French founder Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. Also, the logo of Cadillac has been derived from the French explorer’s coat of arms.

The headquarters of Cadillac is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece. The ground floor has been designed into a complex that showcases Cadillac’s 114-year history. It serves as a gallery, exhibition area and also hosts a café. It is known to the public as the Cadillac House that exudes extraordinary magnificence.

Cadillac has left a prominent mark in 44 countries with its luxurious automobile offerings. It has also ventured into motor-sport racing. The DPi-V.R Race Car and the ATS-V.R Race car have been specifically engineered for the same. For a company that has constantly been redefining luxury, creating a sports car has been challenging. The designers have, however, left no stone unturned in giving their best shot.

The various vehicles offered by Cadillac include the XTS, CT6, XT5, ATS, ATS-V, CT6-Plug-In, CTS, CTS-V and the Escalade. The Cadillac CTS sedan’s price is high and it occupies the uppermost position in Cadillac’s portfolio of luxury cars. It was awarded the Motor Trend’s Car of the Year title for exemplary performance in 2008 and 2014. It has continually been finding a place in the Top 10 best cars’ lists worldwide.

A silver colored new Cadillac CTS was also seen in the film-The Matrix Reloaded in 2003. This helped the car gather massive publicity. Ever since its release in 2002 (2003 model), the Cadillac CTS sedan’s sales have consistently increased and it has been on the radar screen of luxury vehicle enthusiasts. It is also highly preferred by the country’s top guns.