Best travel tips and advice for the international traveler

Best travel tips and advice for the international traveler

Whether you love to backpack and see the entire world, or you take one international vacation with the entire family at least once a year, you are bound to encounter many challenges and scenarios that are a part and parcel of international travel. So here are some of the best tips and advice from the experts on how to do it right so that you can concentrate on the experiences rather than the administrative side of international travel.

Effective planning: We cannot stress on this part enough. When we say planning, we do not merely mean that you need to check your passport and get the visa and tickets right. While most people will look for the best airline fares and good deals for accommodation and related things, there are very few people who understand the new country a little before getting there. Doing a little research well in advance can actually help you in avoiding some rude shocks later on. You can take to the forums and chat boards of various countries, travel websites and backpacker forums so that you can find out more about the stay, the people, the local culture and the things to do while you are on the go.

Foreign exchange: One very crucial thing that will fuel your travel and all the related activities, is money. You will have to find out the rates from the bank and also the travel operator from whom you avail the trip. Find out the cheapest foreign exchange rate so that you can convert some into cash and get a prepaid card or debit card for the remaining expenses.

Reach your destination early: If you want to avoid standing in line for hours to see the best tourist attractions or theme parks, you will need to start early. Getting up early and reaching a spot will ensure that you are at the start of the line, rather than getting stuck in winding queues for a long time. You can sleep in late over the weekend, but for your vacation in a new place, you should make the most of your 24 hours!

Do it like a local: You should talk to locals and learn some local language so that you get the best experiences in the local style. Avoid eating at tourist-like places and restaurants so that you can get the best ingredients, and most authentic preparations and prices as well. Saunter down the lanes and find places where tourists do not usually go so that you can have a more authentic feel of the cuisine, the people and various other aspects of the place.

Carry backups: From batteries to hard disks and extra memory cards for your camera and phone, ensure that you back up all your pictures and information even as you make way for those emergencies where you may lose a phone charger or hard drive. Take a back-up every other day to avoid any chaos or lost memories later!