Best train tours in the country

Best train tours in the country

Several regions in the country boast charming landscapes, watercourses, and landmarks. Train tours are among the best ways to enjoy these sights while traveling. There are many such tours that offer scenic routes along with great amenities. You can either take a tour in a single state or take a trip that goes across multiple states. Either way, train tours will give you a wonderful showcase of the country’s best views. Here are the best train tours in the country:

Great Smoky Mountains
Traveling through the mountains in a train is something that most people may have seen in a movie. While there are many other ways to enjoy the scenery of this exact area, train tours are most probably the best one. The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad passes through the enchanting Great Smoky Mountains range situated in North Carolina. This famous tour starts in Bryson City and then goes on to take the scenic route of the quaint mountain range to give the passengers an extraordinary view. You can also gaze upon the magnificent views of Nantahala Gorge and the Tuckasegee River. This tour offers a combined experience of wildlife and mesmerizing sights. This is why it is one of the most awe-inspiring tours in the country.

Coastal Route
Train tours on the coastal route span between the cities of Los Angeles and Seattle. While many people just opt for specific portions of the tour, the entire tour is a truly remarkable experience. A tour on the coastal route offers a memorable experience by taking you through national parks and along oceanfront cliffs. It also takes you through important cities like Santa Barbara and San Francisco. The total time taken to go from one end to another is approximately 36 hours. The amenities provided on the tour are lounges, cafes, dining cars, and sleeping cars.

Grand Canyon
When it comes to natural landmarks, there are hardly any other places that can beat the Grand Canyon in its grandeur. Tours through the Grand Canyon give you a closer look at the geological marvel. It involves following a two-hour route that starts from Williams, Arizona, and goes all the way to the South Rim of the Canyon. This route began operating in the year 1901 and still transports people from all over the world through the landmark. The complete tour takes a little over 8 hours for a complete round trip and includes a four-hour stopover.

Denali Star
Tours along this route travel a total of 350 miles in a matter of 12 hours. The complete trip covers bewitching sights between Anchorage and Fairbanks. The view from the train allows you to gaze upon Hurricane Gulch, Nenana River Gorge, and Mt. Denali.

Arkansas and Missouri Railroad
You get a chance to experience the charming beauty of the Midwest region through tours running on the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad. You can get an up-close experience of the majestic Ozark Mountains. These tours offer a great visual combination of rugged terrain and colorful forests. This day-long round-trip is a great way to experience natural beauty.

Southwest Chief
Tours on the Southwest Chief allow you to travel through eight states including Arizona and New Mexico. Across these eight states, you will get to see the rugged landscapes of the Southwest region of the country. The view gets even better as most trains on this route have large windows. These train tours have top-notch dining and sleeping accommodations. The crowning jewel of the trip is the desert and mountain views. This is the reason why these tours enjoy immense popularity. As a result of the long distance to be covered, these train tours take a little over 40 hours to travel one-way.

California Zephyr
Tours on the California Zephyr route start from Chicago, Illinois, and go all the way to California. However, many travelers join the tour at Denver, among other stops on the way. Train tours on this route give you a breathtaking view of Midwest sights like the Rocky Mountains and rivers, along with cities like San Francisco. Zephyr is also the name of the train. It is an extremely comfortable train that has sleeping accommodations, multiple dining options, and double-decker cars. These tours are the perfect option if you want to have a cross-country experience. One-way distance of the tour takes around 51 hours to complete and offers a great blend of comfort and adventure.