Best options to consider in over range microwaves

Best options to consider in over range microwaves

Selecting an over-the-range microwave is not an easy task; it requires striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality. You will want the device to fit in within the overall design of the kitchen along with providing all the features that you expect in any microwave. This is beyond matching the colors of the microwave to other appliances in the kitchen including the green rating and efficiency of operation.

Why should you consider buying an over range microwave?
Microwaves are household appliances, and every other household owns it. But these appliances are evolving at a fast pace, and today they are not just a simple device that people were used to a few years ago. The best microwaves are more powerful, compact, and versatile than before and include features that were unimaginable in the past. The over range microwave is a very convenient appliance for a modern homemaker, particularly those with confined space at the kitchen counter. It combines the latest technologies of the microwave with the functionality of the ventilation hood for the cooktop. They perform the tasks of cooking, melting, defrosting, popping and in some high-end models, it can also do roasting and baking.

Best models of over range microwaves to consider
The over the range microwaves are equipped with sensor-operated cooking options, which make your task much simpler. If you are willing to reap the benefits of over the range microwaves, here are few options to consider:

Kenmore Elite:
This model is empowered with the highest amount of power in a single lineup with a massive 1,050 watts along with a roomy interior of 1.8 cubic feet. This model also comes with sensor cooking, but generally functions like a second oven with its ability to cook in convection. You can rest assured with this option as the manufacturers offer a long warranty of five years. The sleek design and the wide array of features earn it the recognition of the best rated over range microwave.

Electrolux E130BM60MS:
The power capabilities of this microwave are slightly lower than Kenmore Elite, but it is also on the higher side with 1,000 watts. The interior space is also 1.8 cubic feet, which allow you to cook a significantly large amount of food at once. You can use it effortlessly for roasting and broiling with the aid of convection cooking or sensor-cooking options. When it comes to protecting your appliance, it offers a 10-year long magnetron warranty.

KitchenAid KMHS120ESS:
The 1000 watts cooking power and two cubic feet of interior space are the most important features of this over the range microwave. The magnetron is also protected by a 10-year long warranty so that you can use it without any troubles.

The functionality and the myriad features of these three over-the-range microwaves make them the top-rated appliances as per general reviews and ratings.

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