Best exterior paint solutions for your home

Best exterior paint solutions for your home

When you first look at a house, you look at its exteriors. Darker, unflattering colors make you feel unwelcome, whereas brighter, cheerful colors seem to coax an invitation. If you have no idea what colors to paint your house, fret not! Here are some useful tips that you can follow:

If your home has a bunch of youngsters, they would want you to go with brighter colors like red or yellow while elderly prefer more of the pastel shades. Despite your age, you should always pick a color palette that you like, and something that you can relate to. Here are some great exterior paint color ideas that would brighten up not just your exteriors but your lives!

  • Aqua + Royal Purple + Crisp White= Eye-catching, colorful and beautiful
  • Cool Green + Butter Yellow + Pure White= Elegant and calming
  • Canary Yellow + Soft Gray= Gives a modern look
  • Dark + Light Grey = Classic and sophisticated
  • Sunny Yellow + Turquoise= For bright personalities!
  • Charcoal + Lime = Plain with a splash of color

If you are looking for plainer and simpler look without too much color, the shades with a touch of elegance would be white, cream, ivory, beige, peach, chocolate brown and pearl. While they may not be as eye catching as the vibrant colors, they still furnish the house perfectly, with a simple yet gracious look.

Next we move onto trim. What exactly is trim? Trim is the paint color that acts like a border, and gives a finished look to the house. It is usually incorporated on windows and occasionally door frames. Which trim would best suit your palette? Here are some traditional tips to follow:

  • If the color palette has darker shades, colors like cream and white will really set it off. For example, if you have painted your house a plain brown, adding some cream touches to it will make it more attractive and brighter.
  • If your color choice is bold, like red or mustard yellow, black and brown respectively are good choices for trim.
  • Finally, if your exterior is light, darker variations of that color would be an extravagant trim. For example if your house is light blue, a deep navy blue would be the ideal trim.

As for doors and porches, many people prefer using their trim colors for uniformity. Of course, you can always explore options that would also suit your exterior, but that is your choice. Too much color can also seem chaotic and take away the sense of home.

These awesome exterior paint color ideas would give a sense of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere to your home while maintaining the exuberance and radiance.