Best DIY ideas for birthday cards

Best DIY ideas for birthday cards

An upcoming birthday incites excitement in everyone but also invites panic as fellow friends search for the perfect card for the upcoming birthday boy/girl. But not to worry any longer! Here are some simple yet beautiful DIY ideas for birthday cards that surely anyone would be ecstatic to receive!

Lighting it up with cardboard candles
Firstly, fold some colorful, rectangular cardboard in half to make candles. If you don’t want it to be rectangular, feel free to make the candles into any shape you like. Next, take the cardboard candles in hand and cut out some wrapping paper in such a manner that it wraps around the length and diameter of the candle and stick it onto the candle with glue. Then stick the candles on the card and voila! That’s it. You may add glitter or any decorative sticker on the card surrounding the candles. When finished, write your dedications inside the card and done!

Pom-pom ice-cream card
Firstly, make three brightly colored, small pompoms using yarn. Make an ice cream cone using a piece of thick, yellow cardboard and a felt tip pen to draw the lines present in a wafer cone. Then cut it out in a triangular shape to fit the size of your card. Then, glue the cone and the pompoms on top of it onto the card, so it resembles an ice cream cone with dollops of ice cream. You may decorate the pompons and cone with glitter and washi tape as well. Follow this idea if you want to make an unusual, quirky birthday card.

Cupcake master card
Cut out a piece of colorful cardstock to make a rectangular card. Cut a multicolored cupcake wrapper in half. Press it down and trim the edges until you only have the cupcake bottom. Cut out a matching cupcake top (preferably brown for chocolate). Using double-sided tape, attach your cupcake top and bottom to your card. Take a candle, tie some lacy string onto its middle, and glue it on the card on top of the cupcake. Add glitter, tape, and anything else you want and make the card vivid and as colorful as you like. Just write a special birthday message inside and you’re all set!

These simple yet innovative ideas for making birthday cards will surely please the receiver.