Benefits of buying at Target stores

Benefits of buying at Target stores

Shopping at Target stores is indeed a pleasure so much so that many of us have fondly named it as – Tarjay. The minute you step into the magnanimous red doors, you are drawn into a world of its own for shopping at various price ranges, especially the under $5 section. The best features of Target stores is the very fact that there are a lot of budget-friendly options all-year round, and better deal when it comes to customer satisfaction, these Target stores are the best place to shop.

Best features of Target stores are that:
You can return your purchases by mail for free. Even if you had to step into a brick and mortar store to buy your products, you can log into the online return center on the Target store website page and put in a return request. You can just print out the prepaid return label, and the Target stores customer team will set up the return of items and even pay for the shipping costs. This is a feature that aids greatly for those who do not have a Target store in their locality.

There is a rain check feature which helps you plan your shopping spree. You definitely get irritated or more disappointed when you think you can get an item on sale and then walk into a store only to discover that the item is no longer on sale. To avoid such disappointing moments, Target stores allows you to make a rain check with the store on any item you want to purchase, and even if no stock is available you can get one at the same deal when the shelves are restocked after a sale.

There are perks when you bring the reusable bags you purchase at Target stores. On Earth day, target stores give away free reusable environment-friendly bags. And every time you carry this bag back to the store for your shopping, you get a $0.5 credit on your purchases. This is available all year round and there is no excuse why you cannot get the credit at any given point in time at any Target store.

Some of the other perks that Target stores include discounts when there are leftovers from your registry, the pricing is affordable, you get field coupons directly on your mobile phone and you can also sign up for freebies, etc.