Bathroom cleaning solutions and their types

Bathroom cleaning solutions and their types

There are several kinds of bathroom cleaning solutions available in the market. While each one of you may have used a basic product like an all surface cleaner or a floor cleaner at one point or the other, some other bathroom cleaning solutions can make even the toughest of cleaning jobs agreeable. Here is a list of the variety of bathroom cleaning solutions that you may use.

All-purpose cleaners: These basic cleaners are a must-have for all bathrooms. They can be used on any kind of surface including walls, floors, tiles and shower heads. They are quite effective when it comes to general cleanliness and hygiene.

Floor cleaner: Keeping the bathroom floor spotless is not always an easy task. The dirt and stray strands of hair cling to the tile surface due to moisture and humidity. A separate floor cleaner may be the answer to your woes one, because it can remove soap scum and stains and secondly, it can even get through to the grout. Ideally, you should be looking for a product that can be used on any type of surface including marble and stone.

Toilet cleaner: The toilet bowls need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. You need more than an all-surface cleaner for the task. Select a strong product that has disinfectant properties and is also efficient at removing stains. Some of the cheaper products contain harsh chemicals which, over a period of time, may destroy the porcelain surface of your toilet seat. You should also consider the pungent odor of these liquids, which while being irritating when you are scrubbing, can also linger for quite some time.

Bleach sprays: Bathroom tiles provide the ideal surface for moulds and mildew. If you do not scrub your tiles regularly, you can easily spot these light green deposits, especially in the corners and the shower area. Apart from being unsightly, these can trigger allergic reactions. Bathroom bleach sprays not only kill the mould and mildew, but they also ensure that it won’t be coming back soon.

Faucet cleaners: If you are really proud of the designer faucet you chose for your bathroom, you may want to spend another few bucks on keeping it in premium condition. They are quite effective at removing scales and calcium deposits on faucets.

Bathtub cleaners: All of us enjoy a warm bath, but cleaning the tub afterwards is another story. The soap scum, calcium, lime, hard water stains, grease, and grime on the bathtub may require special care by a bathtub cleaner. Several popular brands manufacture bathtub cleaners, which leave your bathtub sparkling within minutes.

Grout cleaners: The slimy deposits over the grout between the tiles and open surfaces can be pretty tough to clean unless you are prepared to bend over and apply yourself to some serious scrubbing. If you want to skip the elbow grease, you should find yourself an efficient grout cleaner.

Along with following these bathroom cleaning tips and owning an effective bathroom cleaning solution, remember bathroom supplies, which include vacuums, grout brushes and cleaning wipes, help in making the scrubbing and cleaning much easier.