Awesome hardware-free VoIP services for everyone

Awesome hardware-free VoIP services for everyone

Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP ) services are making huge strides. In addition to making phone calls but also talk face-to-face, share personal time with others online and do much more. Getting a VoIP service can add multiple personal and professional benefits to enrich your life. You can conduct interviews through video conferencing, get personal mentoring online, and do much more. Practically, it’s all fun and games for most people. But it doesn’t end there. You save a lot of money too. If you ever wanted to ditch that landline or analogous telephone connection, consider a VoIP service. You don’t need to install any additional hardware for using these services. You simply create an account online, register, and instantly start using them. You can use them on a wide array of media playing devices like tablets, iPhones, laptops, desktops, and other mobile devices. Accumulate minutes per month to make free calls in certain areas. Some VoIP services even let you receive unlimited calls for a trial period. They provide lucrative calling packages for certain seasons like Skype.

Here’s a list of the top two VoIP services meant for use by all kinds of users. Whether you want to chat with your mate, or make a business call, these VoIP services will make your life much more easier.

One of the best VoIP services in existence till date, Skype has made customers happy for over a decade. You can use Skype to make domestic and international calls. Fill up your minutes-per-month or make payments for a credit fill up. Skype lets you make phone calls to conventional phone numbers and also receive calls, on your own phone. This allows it to be a very flexible and lucrative VoIP service for internet users. You can make unlimited calls to over 63 countries for only $14 a month.

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts does not come near Skype in terms of advanced features and ultra-interactivity. However, it lets users connect to landline numbers for free across the United States. The UI is simple and can be used to chat with clients. It can also be used to send and share text messages, videos, files, audio, and emojis (we know you love self-expression) for fun. Google Hangouts does not require prior installation before use. They are built into most Android operating systems. There are even app extensions available for desktop, Chrome, and iOS users.

The best service for you is one that caters to your specific needs. Do you need to replace your landline service? Or do you need to be able to make calls from your laptop? Take some time to figure out your primary needs and also factor in your budget.

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