Are male enhancement products safe

Are male enhancement products safe

There are many types of male enhancement products available in the market today. From pills to patches and equipment, there exists a way to increase penis size. But are these products safe to use?

Medically, there is no evidence to support the claims that pills can increase the size of a penis. Other methods of male enhancement are also deemed harmful. Let us look at the safety of some of the popular male enhancement products today.

Pills – These medicines have to be the most popular product used to increase penis size or improve sexual function. These are available as herbal supplements, vitamin tablets and even hormones as their ingredients.

But most male enhancement pills in the market today are not licensed products. You can buy these pills easily through online stores. But without knowing the ingredients used in these pills or about their side effects, using them can be potentially harmful to your health.

Patches – These patches claim to help with better sexual function with prolonged use.

Vacuum pumps – These pumps help bring more blood to the penis to help with erectile dysfunction problems. With more blood volume, it can seem that the size of the penis has increased. But if used regularly, these pumps can damage the penal tissues and even worsen the erectile problems.

Extension devices – These devices claim to help by stretching the penis to break down tissues and encourage new cell growth. But if used without your doctor’s approval, these extenders can cause harm. Some studies have reported good results from these devices. But it is still important to use them after consulting your doctor.

If medically needed, doctors can perform surgery to increase penis size. But there are risks associated with any surgical procedure. And not all doctors perform these surgeries for merely cosmetic reasons.

If you are looking for the best male enhancement product for you, it is first important to check with your doctor. Using unregulated medicines or devices can cause more harm rather than produce your desired results.