Apple iPad – exclusive features to watch out for

Apple iPad – exclusive features to watch out for

Apple iPad had seen the light of day way back in 2010. Since then it has only seen success. It has inspired many as well. While iPad is a marvel in itself, Apple is going to introduce certain things in its iOS 11 that are meant for iPad only. The list of the features is mentioned in details below:

Files Apps: This brand new app is expected to make file viewing far easier than now. It lets you look at the files in a more organized manner. The app can be used to view files in both on-device storage and cloud storage.

macOS-Style Dock: The new Dock is a significant improvement for the device. You can access it from any screen. With just one swipe, you can easily open and switch different apps. The Dock can be customized with your favorite apps. It also changes as you keep on working.

Multitasking: Multitasking would become easier with the iOS 11. You can open another app from the Dock. Both the apps would remain active in Split View as well as Slide Over.

Drag and Drop: People have long been waiting for this feature, and it is going to show up in the iOS 11. This feature would let you drag and drop files and pictures from one app to another. The touch screen makes this feature all the more exciting and magical.

Updated Apple Pencil: The latest iPad would get a more versatile, natural and powerful Apple Pencil than ever. It is useful to do all kinds of work like taking notes, being creative and getting work done.

New Document Scanner in Notes: This feature is going to make dealing with multiple business documents a more refined and sorted process. The app scans a document automatically, crops the edges and eliminates any glare or tilt. You can sign documents or fill in the blanks using Apple Pencil. Then you can save and share accordingly.

Augmented Reality: Though it is not an exclusive feature of iPad, it ‘s nice to know that this feature would be there in iOS 11 for iPad.